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Tips for perfecting an interview and landing that summer internship (or your first full-time job)!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.




  1. Know your resume inside and out


After going into interviews, one of the first things a potential employer has always asked me is “So tell me about yourself” or “Walk me through your resume”.  Interviewers want to make sure you are not just writing random responsibilities from your past job experiences and extracurriculars, they use this as a way to examine your credibility. Make sure you know all details about the points you made on your resume and why you believe they are impactful.  Being confident about your qualifications is the best way to success!


  1. Know the job AND company you’re applying for


Obviously everyone knows what job they’re applying for, but we often do not read into the details and fully understand what we are interviewing for.  Sometimes people go into an interview without really knowing the responsibilities or details about the company – they are just there to get any potential job.  Interviewers can see right through this. The second question I am usually asked during an interview is “Tell us what you know about the job and why you are interested in it.”  The best thing to do is spend a good amount time researching the company and job. If you can give strong details that show you did your research, you will impress your interviewers.




  1. Look up possible interview questions online


There’s nothing wrong with being too prepared! Websites like Glassdoor have past interviewees post questions they been previously asked at certain companies.  While questions will most likely not be exact, this is a great way to be prepared or at least have an idea of what might be coming.  Additionally, being prepared with questions will give you more confidence!


  1. Show your passion


Employers want passionate employees, no matter what job it is.  Interviewers do not want to see a unmotivated interviewee that cannot relay a reason as to why they are interested in the job or field of work.  Passionate interviewees are the most well remembered!


  1. Show your growth throughout your college experience  


Telling a story of your resume can be the key to landing that job.  Instead of using your resume to pinpoint facts about your qualifications, explain what you’ve done in a story that portrays your personal growth.  Tell your interviewers what you have learned from participating in activities or previous job experiences and mention how much they impacted your college career.  Your growth in college is just a precursor for your growth in a career!




  1. Come prepared with questions


During earlier round interviews, ask questions that pertain to finding out more information about the job.  This shows your interviewers that have an actual interest in what the position is, especially because you will never learn every single detail about a job from one online posting.   You can also ask your interviewers why they enjoy their role in the company. Questions about personal experiences also give the message that you are passionate and curious.


  1. Send follow-ups


This is simple etiquette, but it goes a long way!  Follow-ups should be sent within 24 hours after the interview.  You should always thank your interviewer for their time, state that you’ve learned enticing details about the position, and convey that you would would welcome an opportunity to be apart of the company.  Make your message clear that you would be a great employee!






Saint Joseph's University Campus Correspondent