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Tiffany’s at Your Fingertips: OPI’s Latest Collection Honors Audrey Hepburn

Fashion and beauty products are the main accessories to time traveling. With the right dress or hairstyle, you can model the 50’s, sit shotgun in the Chevy Bel- Air next to Marlon Brando, or create your own fantasy to cure your “I was born in the wrong era” blues. For those of you who adore the reign of Audrey Hepburn during the 60’s, you can now channel one of her most iconic roles as Ms. Holly Golightly by upgrading your nail color. This month, OPI released their holiday collection, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, honoring the late movie star and philanthropist with dreamy shades. I know, the PSL’s and changing leaves have you gravitating towards burgundies, chocolatey, and mauve shades to which Miranda Priestly would reply, dark neutrals for fall? Groundbreaking. If you’re anything like me, the second the seasons click and the temperature drops five degrees, I welcome back my old friend Bing Crosby and whip out the fuzzy snowman socks. Go against the seasonal grain and do what your old- movie- loving heart tells you to do, starting with two, three, or all of these shades! 


Black Dress Not Optional

Super black, super classic.

Apartment for Two

Raspberry smoothie pink.


Champagne for Breakfast

Silver, sparkly, pairs well with girl-talk.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A matte pearl, just like the beads she wears in the movie’s iconic opening scene. Swoon.

I Believe in Manicures

A delicious cotton candy blue hue. 


Can’t Read Without My Lipstick

A deep, sexy maroon, great as a transition shade from fall to winter. Pair with a night out in the city.

Meet My Decorator

The Maraschino cherry red on top of this decadent love story.

Rich and Brazilian

A sumptuous, deep plum.


Each bottle of polish is $10, which is a small price to pay for time traveling!  



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