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Spotlight: Jake Milligan ’19

HC: What’s your class?

JM: Class of 2019!


HC: What’s your major?

JM: Finance and Business Intelligence


HC: Where are you from?

JM: Carlisle, Pennsylvania


HC: How did you find SJU?

JM: My good friend Dave Erfle was talking to me about colleges he was considering and Saint Joes was one of them. I visited campus and now we both go here. Everything fell into place and I’m very thankful.   


HC: What are you involved in on campus?

JM: I am a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, I play on the club basketball team, a hawk host, and I am working on a research project with a few professors from the BI department.


HC: Wow Jake! That’s awesome that you became involved in so much since you started here just two short years ago. Advice to any freshman who are just beginning their SJU journey?

JM: Just go for it and put yourself out here. As you get older, you figure out what is most important to you and SJU has certainly helped me do that. Stay passionate about the things that you’re involved in and continue to learn and grow.


HC: As your brother of DSP…I must ask, what is your favorite aspect of our fraternity?

JM: The people in DSP challenge motivate me to be better. I am inspired by the achievements and the work ethic of every brother of the fraternity. Everyone has something to give and teach, freshmen through senior, and I have met friends for life in the fraternity.

HC: What’s one thing that you love that’s outside of your everyday college life?

JM: The first thing that came to my mind was watermelon. But really it’s basketball. I’ve been playing since I was in elementary school. I originally wanted to play D3 basketball in college, but the SJU business school was too good to pass up.


HC: Coffee or tea drinker?

JM: I’ve never gotten into coffee, but occasionally I will drink tea. Does Brisk count?


HC: What is your favorite color?

JM: Blue! It’s been my favorite color since I was a little kid. But green is right there with blue- Go Birds!


HC: If you go could anywhere after you graduate college for the trip of a lifetime, where would you go and why?

JM: All over Europe, but specifically, Paris. I have a bucket list and having dinner on top of the Eiffel tower is probably number one.


There you have it Hawks! When you see Jake around campus make sure that you stop by and say hello. I can promise that your day will be made.




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