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The Sochi Situation

     The time has come once again for the Winter Olympics. Many viewers are glued to the TV screen hoping to see their favorites win gold. The daily coverage sticks to the mainstream events and of course the opening ceremonies. What is not visible to the viewers is the behind the scenes life of those covering the Olympics for us.

     Articles have recently appeared across the Internet about the poor conditions of the hotels that have been built in Sochi for the Olympics. It seems that not enough time was allotted for the building of the Olympic village. Many reporters arrived to Sochi days before the games were to begin to find their reservations not up to par.  A representative from CNN tweeted the following; 

     Not only were some of the rooms not ready but also some rooms seemed to be put together in a matter of days. Pictures began surfacing of rooms that were simply a wreck. A twitter account appeared with the handle @SochiProblems (https://twitter.com/SochiProblems) that utilizes the hashtag #SochiProblems. 

     Many images posted show blank walls, uncovered wires, and bathrooms that have multiple toilets. It seems more time was needed then the contractors realized and now media personnel are left to deal with the mess. 


     Olympians are even feeling the negative effects of the mess. Olympian bobsledder, Johnny Quinn of team USA found himself stuck inside his rooms bathroom. With no way to call for help Quinn took the situation into his own hands…or should we say feet. He made himself an exit. 

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