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Snapshot: Franki Rudnesky

Meet Franki! Simple and cute are just two of many words that describe this gal’s fashion sense. Even her new hair is trendy! Check out her latest “wear to class outfit” and some interesting questions answered that might send you straight to the hair salon! 

Sweater: Free People

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman

Necklace: H&M

Bracelets: Lokai

Hat: American Eagle

Bralette: Urban

Where’s your favorite place to shop?

Pac Sun, American Eagle, Macy’s, Urban, Hollister and H&M.

Leggings or jeans?

Leggings are more comfortable, but I wear ripped jeans more often.

What’s your favorite season clothes wise?

Fall because you can layer things, cute vests, can wear jeans again and it’s not too cold, and I love fall colored clothes.

What’s your favorite outfit you’ve worn in the past year?

I really like matching sets, so all the pics below are outfits that are coordinated.  Inspired by Taylor Swift!

Do you like wearing workout clothes out? Why or why not?

My mom just got a Fabletics account, so I love the new cute patterned leggings and a cute tank. Since coming to college, I’ve seen a lot of girls in workout apparel like Lululemon and so I’ve started to wear cuter workout clothing out.

What’s your favorite online apparel store?

Probably Tobi because they have a lot of sales and cute dresses for date parties and stuff like that.

Bras or bralettes?

Bralettes! They’re so cute and they’re an accessory within themselves.  Like if you have an open back they work; I actually need to get more!

So you told me you got a haircut over Thanksgiving break, please go into a little more detail.

Okay! Well, I was just really in the mood to change it up. I dyed my hair lighter in the summer and spring like the trend “balayage”.  So I liked that, but then I wanted something more for the fall and winter. I was inspired by Lucy Hale with short darker hair! I think it’s fun to change it up sometimes!

Check her out on campus and on Insta @FrankiRudnesky ! 



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