The Return of Scrunchies

90’s babies listen up! This one’s for you.

Have you ever thrown on an outfit and heard one of your parents say, “That was in style when I was a kid” or, “Wow, those are back?” and you just roll your eyes and walk out the door? Well… I hate to break it to you, but it turns out it’s our time to recognize a fashion trend from our childhood that’s coming back into the fashion spotlight.

I’m not talking about gel sandals or mood rings. I’m talking scrunchies: the one accessory any girl with hair long enough for a ponytail was sporting all day every day (usually along with a cute pair of overalls and Keds). 


Originally popular in the 1980s and 1990s, scrunchies have recently been featured on the runway at various fashion shows and have also been seen in fabulous updos sported by some of our favorite celebrities. 


Although we are loving this popular hair tie with a high pony, scrunchies are not just for your head anymore. The 2016 trend is showing off scrunchies on your wrist alongside various other ponytail holders and bracelets. The typical choice in color for this year is plain basic colors or pastels, perfect for any outfit. 


This doesn’t mean you can’t still show them off in your hair, it just means there’s now more than one way to stay true to your 90’s self. 



Grab your old hair bin and blow off the dust, scrunchies are back and they’re here to stay!