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Registration 101

I wish this was an April Fools prank, but sadly today marks the first day of registration for the 2014-2015 school year, or as I like to call it, The Beginning of the End.

Registration can be extremely stressful and intimidating no matter what class year you are.  Here are some tips for fellow Hawks who might be finding themselves in a registration rut.

Get Your Pin

Those 6 little numbers are vital to your registration process. Make sure you get your PIN from your academic advisor before your registration time begins. Remember, advisors have many students to meet with along with teaching classes and their own lives. Get in touch with them before you plan the best schedule and then can’t hit submit!

Use Resources

Even as a rising senior, I still have to ask multiple people what I should be doing for the next semester. Find out all you can about class descriptions, professors, requirements, etc. You want to make the most of your upcoming time at SJU, and using all the resources they give you is beneficial! My secret is to go to the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center  (William F. Leahy Advising Center for all HSB majors) and work with them on my schedule.  Walk in, email or schedule an appointment!

Know Your Limitations

Nothing is worse than waking up early to register, and getting denied from classes. Whether a class has a prerequisite, an application, class year cap, make sure you know about it. Sometimes, the website is not updated and might not say what is required to take a certain class. Ask your advisor, email the prof of the class, etc.

Keep Calm and Register On

This might be hard to do; we are all guilty of it at crunch time. Not getting into a class or not having the most amazing schedule at 9:01am after your 9:00am pick time does not need to lead to a major melt down. It will work out, I promise. Make some calls, shoot some emails, and knock on office doors. Remember you have a few months to figure your schedule out, so nothing is set in stone.  It might take a while, but your fall semester will consist of at least 5 new classes, new faces, and a whole new year at Hawk Hill. Not so bad, right?


April 1st- Day Junior Students Register

April 2nd- Day Sophomore Students Register

April 3rd- Day Freshmen Students Register



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