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I came across Pura Vida bracelets awhile back, however, I didn’t purchase any until recently. I have two of these bracelets, one dedicated to Autism and one in support of Breast Cancer. These two illnesses impact those that I love and it makes me happy to have bought items that donate a part of their proceeds to their awareness and research. Check out other individuals who own similar items:

“These are Pura Vida bracelets. The proceeds from each bracelet goes to the people in Costa Rica who handmade them and the charity to which the bracelet represents. The green one is depression awareness which supports the depression and bipolar support alliance. I bought this one because a lot of people close to me have been battling depression. My other bracelet’s proceeds goes to an organization that makes shoes and gives them out to women in poor countries, “to make their day”. I just thought the idea behind the bracelet was cute!” – Amanda Tallon ’18



“I wear Lokai’s because they symbolize finding balance in life. I also like how every month a new Lokai is created to support a different charity.” – Faith Gentilucci ’18



“I like my Me to We bracelets because they look nice and I know the money is going to support people in need. Each one donates to a different cause and the workers who handmade them are paid good wages. This one goes to giving children access to clean water.” – Emily Kelly ’18


“I have been buying Kipling brand bags and suitcases since I was in middle school. I think that their styles are fun and unique as well as purposeful because of the history of the company. I also love buying Toms because I know that I’m helping someone around the world get a new pair of shoes as well.” Nathalia Benavides ’18




Try out these cute items that make an impact in the world!




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