News Flash: Your Week in One

The impact of the government shutdown is examined in a new report.

Last month’s federal government shutdown is estimated to cost the U.S. economy between $2 billion and $6 billion in economic output. Even though the shutdown only lasted a little over two weeks Forecasters predict that the GDP growth for the fourth quarter will be between 0.2 and 0.6 percent less than it would have been without the shutdown and the debt ceiling fight. That is a large impact for one event to make on the total GDP of the country. Even the private sector was effected. Because of the unsure economic climate they hired created 120,000 fewer jobs than they would have in a normal situation. Most people may feel that the problem has been solved but consequences of the shutdown are still effecting the government and the economy.

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Gay rights bill passes in senate.

America’s opinions and attitude toward gay rights is evolving quickly. On Thursday, the senate approved a bill outlawing discrimination against gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. This was the first major gay rights bill since 2010 when the infamous “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” legislation was repealed. Opponents said that it was unnecessary and could invite extra costly lawsuits for businesses. Supporters of the bill say that it is the final step in trying to stop discrimination for congress. Now supporters and opponents alike will have to wait for the Houses decision.

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Tesla Model S fire calls to question the safety of the car.

In the past six weeks three Tesla Model S cars have caught on fire when involved in a crash, or in Wednesday’s case when the car was truck by road debris. The news caused Tesla’s stock prices to plunge with investors running for the hills. Other providers of electric cars have not had similar issues with their cars catching fire following a crash. Federal data shows that fires like this only happen in 0.1 percent of all crashes. Tesla is still working on investigating these fires and hope to provide more information soon.

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Cofounders of Friend Movement walk to fight bullying.

Ronnie Kroell and Elliot Dal Pra London are attempting to walk 921 miles from Chicago to New York in 37 days. On Wednesday the pair had made it to Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. They stopped to tie purple ribbons on the mall’s trees in order to raise awareness for National Bullying Prevention Month. Kroell and Dal Pra London are cofounders of the Friend Movement a project that shows anti-bullying images through art and other media forms.

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