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Moving Off Campus Next Year? Here are Some Tips

Once you hit sophomore year at SJU, you are thus thrown into the scramble to secure somewhere to live for the next one or two years. So thanks SJU, here’s something you’ve never had to think of before! In your on campus housing you don’t really have to worry about a thing. You have security, wifi, heat, A/C, electricity, parking, trash and everything you could possibly think of for ‘free’. But now, when you finally get that upperclassmen status you get upperclassmen responsibilities. Oh and you pretty much have to figure this out by Thanksgiving break. :)

Okay, so as an experienced upperclassman, here are some things to consider when looking to move off campus.

1. Location, location location


When you picture yourself rushing to your 9:05 on a Monday morning, are you hopping in your car and high tailing it down City Ave? Navigating through Manayunk? Or sprinting down Wynnefield? This is something you absolutely HAVE to consider. For me, I’m not that great at getting up for my classes on time, so living a close walkable distance to my classes is a necessity. (I also am not a huge fan of driving in the morning and am easily aggravated on a Monday, if this isn’t you then do whatever you think is right!)



Ah yes the dreaded rent. If you pay your own rent, look for the most cost effective place for you, I suggest when applying for loans over compensate so the school can send you money back that can be in turn used for rent. Be extremely mindful of the length of your lease and make sure to total the amount. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than what is included in room and board on campus. The whole point in moving off campus is to SAVE money, not spend more. Yet if you do have the means for this, then do whatever your little heart desires.


3. Be mindful of safety.

As many SJU students like myself, we live in the surrounding areas of the school. Now compared to other places, they’re generally not the safest. My best advice is to try and get somewhere closer to campus if you choose to live in West Philadelphia. The closer to campus, the closer to more college students, the closer to Public Safety.



When you go on tours of potential new places, it’s extremely useful to ask a few things; do you pay for utilities or the landlord? How do you handle trash? Is there already a security system in place? Is there central air and is there heat? There are tons of questions you can ask to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, make sure you do!

Ok, So.

You found a place you love, it’s at your pricepoint, you have the best roommates and you’re so excited to move out of university housing! But first, keep in contact with your landlord, and make sure you can sign a lease for the coming year. With that being said, read the lease carefully, with a parent or even a lawyer so you fully can understand what you’re signing.

Another tip; Make sure you maintain a good relationship with your landlord. If you ever want to move a rent another place, you may need a recommendation! Your future landlord could help with that. Pay your rent on time, communicate any problems and take care of your living space.


Phoebe and Rachel are SO excited that you’ll be such a good tennant!!


Hope this helped you feel a little more prepared about the housing scramble and may the odds be ever in your favor!



HC -Margaret

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