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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas That Wont Stress You Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJU chapter.


Last minute Halloween costumes don’t always have to look so last minute! Between keeping up with classes, hanging with friends, and stressing over midterms, it’s understandable that the holiday has been at the far back of your brain. No matter what your plans for this Halloween; going to a party, hanging around eating candy, or reliving your childhood by good old trick-or-treating, Halloween is always more fun when dressed up in a costume. So here are some no-hassle, last-minute ideas for you and your friends to use. 


Color Coordinated

If you have have multiple articles of clothing in similar colors, there are a bunch of costumes you can make out of them! You and your friends could go as crayons, or you could be color themed characters such as power rangers or powerpuff girls. The possibilities with colors are endless, so get creative! 


Favorite Characters

Take a character from your favorite book, tv show, or movie! Grab two girlfriends and dress in all black in anticipation of the Charlie’s Angels remake, or embrace childhood nostalgia with your squad by dressing as Winnie the Pooh characters; yellow pants and a red shirt for Pooh, all pink for Piglet, orange and black for Tigger, and all blue for Eeyore. If you need inspiration, try googling your favorite characters to see how they dress. Dressing as a character can be super easy; just comb through your closet or borrow some clothes from friends and put it all together! 



The Classics

Just because you used these outfits as a kid doesn’t mean you can’t still rock them! Throw a sheet over your head and be a ghost, or grab some plastic fangs and do some killer makeup to be a vampire! If magic is more your style; get out that old pointy hat and be a witch, or buy a cheap wand and be a wizard.



Couple Costumes

Would the list be complete if we didn’t include some ideas for you to collab with your s.o. or bestie with? Classic examples include; peanut butter and jelly, devil and angel, milk and cookies. Anything that makes a good pair will work for you and your fellow Halloween celebrator!


Last but not least… Buy an outfit!

With a Spirit Halloween now open in the Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center, you can easily hop on a shuttle from campus and browse all that the store has to offer! Make a day trip with friends to see what kind of costumes or accessories they have for you to use. 


With all these costume ideas, your holiday is sure to be a great one! Have a fun and spooky Halloween everyone!




Saint Joseph's University Campus Correspondent