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Kyle Werts Takes on Lincoln Financial Field

I am so happy to introduce our HC SJU campus celebrity of the week, Kyle Werts! Kyle recently had his ’15 minutes of fame’ at Lincoln Financial field last week, as he recently won the Santander field goal challenge. With the win, Kyle won four tickets to the Eagles’ Week 12 home game against the Tennessee Titans. Kyle made an amazing attempt at the field goal, and we are so proud of him for representing SJU.  Thanks Kyle for being….awesome! I got to know Kyle a little more with through this interview:

The Basics:
1. Hometown 

Quakertown Pa

2. Year 


3. Major 

Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability

Family Business and Entrepreneurship 


The Real Questions:

1. Involvement on campus? 

SJU Gaelic Football Club

2. Your role model? 

My father has been my role model throughout life. He raised me alongside my mother to be the professional and respected individual I am today.


3. Word of advice for freshman? 

Do not be afraid to be yourself. Look for clubs and activities centered on your interests and you will be much happier with making friends there.


About the Santander challenge at Lincoln Financial Field?

1.How did you hear about this opportunity? 

My cousin sent me the link to the event and that is when I signed up.

2. Explain what you did to make it on to Financial Field

I competed against 40 plus other people kicking field goals at the NocaCare Complex. The distance increased after each kick with the final kick that I made being at 40 yards.

3. What were you most excited about?

I was most excited about just getting the opportunity to step on the field that I watch my favorite team play on.

4. What were you most nervous about?

The nerves weren’t too bad, but as the event got more publicity and I did more and more interviews the pressure of missing the kick started to get to me.

5. Was the outcome what you expected?

I missed the kick by less than a foot to the left. So unfortunately I did not get the resulted I wanted. 

6. What do you wish you would’ve known before you went into this?

Going into this I wish I would have known what exactly would accompany me on the field. I was not anticipating the drum line or the rows of cheerleaders. So it would have been nice to know they would add their own level of pressure.

7. What is the biggest take away you had from this experience?

The biggest take away is just the overall experience. I was able to do something I only dreamed of. I got to meet Cody Parkey the kicker for the Eagles as well as Connor Barwin who is a Linebacker.

And For the future:

1. Any career plans?

Since my dream of becoming an NFL kicker was crushed I am currently looking into a few companies out in California when I graduate this May. (Not too shabby, if you ask HC!)

2. What is one thing you want to cross off your bucket list in the next 5 years? 10 years?

I have never really compiled a bucket list, but I figure within the next 5 years I would like to travel across the States to see some of the countries I have never been to. In 10 years I want to attend the Super Bowl. I would prefer the Eagles be in it, but it is just something that I have never had the money to do and have always wanted to attend. 


Thank you Kyle for letting us get to know you. We are so proud of you for your accomplishments, and wish you the best! 





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