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Items SJU Students Can’t Leave Home Without

Sometimes the simplest of things in life find a way of making a lasting impact. I asked students at Saint Joseph’s if they had something that they wear every day and if they would be willing to tell their story behind the items. As someone who has been wearing the same silver necklace for the past three years, I understand the love that can be found within sentimental items. Check out these Hawk’s stories!





Michelle Magarity, ‘18

“I purchased this necklace shortly after my grandmother passed away 5 years ago. It is something that I always wear to serve as a reminder of the memories shared with my father's side of the family, particularly at the house her and my grandmother had shared (which is the location of the coordinates). It also constantly reminds me of how important family is and to not take them for granted.”





Mike DiRienzo, ‘20

“I wear a watch everyday in order to keep track of time whether it is places I have to go or time left for an assignment. Plus, it's a great fashion statement. I feel naked without it.”





Mary Murphy ‘18

"A very special person, very dear to my heart, gave me this necklace. It has become an essential part of me, just as the person has. The necklace has a sun engraved on it so I can always bring sunshine and happiness wherever I travel. "





Gianna Ordini ‘19

“I wear a key necklace every day and I got it as a Christmas present from my mom I think sophomore year of high school. I don’t remember how or why I started wearing it every day, but now I can’t go a day without it and I believe it brings me luck!” 




Timmy Parks ‘17

"I always saw people wearing these bracelets and I thought they looked really cool and I always knew there was some interesting story about them, but it wasn't until one day when I got Rita's with Faith until I really found out what they were all about. I remember her wearing them and I asked her about it and she explained the whole balancing out the highs and lows and I thought that was fascinating. I remember I told her I wanted one, so fast forward 6 months and she gave me my clear one and it meant so much to me.


I believe in what the company stands for and see the bracelet as a visual reminder every day of an expectation on how to live life. There are going to be tough times and there are going to be happy times, but they all balance out. "Only know you have been high when you are feeling low" is a song lyric I really like and I think describes Lokai perfectly. My lokai is also special to me, because even after a whole summer and 4 months of Faith being abroad she still remembered that I really wanted one and surprised me with it. And then when I saw the orange one, I knew that I wanted to build our collections. Some people have tattoos or lucky items, but for me I have these bracelets that keep me in balance and always trying to think positively."




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