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I Decided Greek life…”Rushing as a Sophomore”

 Now that rush has come to an end, maybe you’re regretting your decision you made to not rush or didn’t have the grades. Or maybe you have just accepted your bid as a sophomore. Rushing as a sophomore is different from a freshmen but it’s still just an equally amazing experience. Coming to Saint Joe’s I always wanted to join a sorority. However, after fall of my freshmen year, reality set in that I was just not on the right track academically to be in a sorority. I was crushed when all I saw so many girls in my grade going through recruitment and getting bids. But it taught me I needed to do better in school and that there were more girls like me who couldn’t rush.


I started doing much better in school and was so excited to finally be able to rush Spring of 2013. I knew a few other girls who were rushing as well but for the most part these girls were freshmen who I had never seen before. During recruitment week I started meeting new girls was already so happy with my choice. Going through the process I started to realize that there are many girls in all different sororities who rushed as sophomores as well. When I accepted my bid to Sigma Sigma Sigma I quickly met the other new members who were sophomores as well. Little did I know that I would grow so close to them. We related to one another so much. We had an advantage over the freshmen and that was that we knew a lot of the girls in our grade in the sorority but we also got to meet and become close with all the freshmen new members. I felt like I had the chance to meet 75+ more girls who I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet if I didn’t rush. I’m so happy with my choice and it made my experience at Saint Joe’s so much better. So remember, even if you missed your chance this year, there’s always next year and it’s just as rewarding. 

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