How to be Yeezy Without a Paycheck Like Yeezy

Kanye West, currently one of the most well-known celebs in Hollywood, has been taking the fashion world by storm with his (overpriced) sneakers, hats, sweatshirts, etc. However, I can’t fathom dishing out $200 for a sweater with holes or close to two grand for a plain black hoodie. (Call me crazy, I know.) Despite the pricing, I am a fan of simple clothing which is exactly what Kanye went for when designing all his pieces. So, for everyone who doesn’t plan on spending college tuition on one outfit but still wants the cute and basic pieces, I’m here to show you what you need to achieve this look. Let’s call it, “how to dress like a Kardashian without the paycheck of a Kardashian”. (Sorry Kanye, we can’t support you on this one)

  1. A Gray, Black, or Cream Sweatshirt

The first must-have Yeezy knock off item is a sweatshirt. This sweatshirt should be a simple color but also has to be 6 sizes bigger than what you normally wear. I don’t recommend paying over $15 for this. You can find the one pictured at H&M.


  1. Black Joggers (rolling them makes them look more expensive…)

The second simple piece to Kanye’s line is a pair of plain black joggers. You can find these basically everywhere. The one’s featured are from Tilly’s for $30.


  1. The Famous Pablo Jackets

If you’re a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you’ve seen this jacket on every member of the family- from Scott Disick to North West (that’s a lot of Birthday Money North). Little do people realize, however, is that you can find these jackets on Etsy for $70.

Once you own at least these three key pieces in the Yeezy line, you can most likely expect a call from E! offering you your own show. These pieces can be paired with black tshirts, hats, chokers, and simple sneakers-anything simple really! Dress it up, dress it down, and don’t forget: “I love you like Kanye, loves Kanye”