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As some of you may know, Her Campus SJU is a branch of the national website and publication Her Campus.  One of the features on their website is their Her Campus Blogger Network, a community of bloggers recommended by Her Campus who write about fashion, lifestyle, cooking and more.  To follow in their footsteps, our team decided to create the SJU Blogger Network featuring student blogs and websites to recommend to the rest of SJU.  Whether you’re into fashion and beauty or finding out the meaning behind people’s tattoos, check out these wonderful blogs and send them some love!

Coffee, Curls, and Girls in Pearls

Senior communications major Teddy Malison is the Carrie Bradshaw of Saint Joe’s.  Between her beauty demonstrations and to-die-for wardrobe, there’s nothing this Main Line Today intern can’t do when it comes to style.  Teddy is beauty and fashion obsessed and blogging to share “the little joys of life” with her readers.  If you’re planning a spa day, looking for the latest fall trend alert, or looking for a healthy smoothie recipe, this blog is the one for you. 

Marked By Ink

Colleen Baltovski took her blog about tattoos to a whole new level with Marked By Ink, focusing on the meaning and face behind the ink, not just the tattoo itself.  Not only does she showcase the beautiful tattoos of her peers, but she also writes about their choice to get their particular tattoo and what it truly means to them.  With an interest in such a unique form of art, Colleen puts a unusual spin on tattoo blogs by featuring people instead of solely tattoos .

Food in Jars

Although this writer is no longer a student at SJU, her blog deserves recognition for its great success after her graduation.  Alumni Marisa McClellan studied writing studies at SJU before starting her website in 2009.  Her writing has been featured on a multitude of websites and Food Network before she published two books, Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round and Preserving by the Pint.  Even if food blogs aren’t your thing, Marisa is the perfect example of how creating and maintaining a website can pay off in the long run!


If you want to be featured in an upcoming SJU Blogger Network article or know a fellow SJU student with an awesome blog, send me an email at caseymcbride@hercampus.com and I’ll check it out!



Social media and beauty obsessed.  Twitter/Instagram: @caseyamcbride
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