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Good Vibes Only: Positive Parham

This week’s campus celeb can usually be spotted in colorful vans and a flat brimmed hat, but the most important accessory he wears is a beaming smile. Jaron Parham is a junior at SJU whose outgoing personality has gained him a reputable reputation as one of hawk’s hill most friendly faces, but unbeknownst to some, he is also one of the most talented. In case you haven’t attended one of Jaron’s jam sessions at JD McGuillicuddy’s in Manayunk, or even if you have, read on for details on this hawk’s undercover status as not only a performer, but also, music producer.

Hometown: North Wales, PA

Birthday: April 19, 1993

Class Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Minors: Spanish and Music Industry

Favorite Thing About SJU: “There are a lot of genuine, nice people at SJU. That is such an underrated thing about any school is the people – and its definitely the people at SJU that is my favorite.”

How many years have you been playing? “8 years, playing and producing music.”

How many instruments can you play? “Four or five, let’s see… I play the base, guitar, dumbs, keyboard, and surprisingly, the ukulele.”  

How many songs have you written and produced yourself? “I’ve produced over 120 beats and I’ve written 20 of my own songs.”

Where does the inspiration come from for your music? “Life. Everything I experience is a part of my music, subconsciously or consciously. I might have a bad night with someone and some people go to the gym for release, but I’ll sit down and write to get those feelings out. Or I’ll have a great night with my friends, one of those nights you wish would never end, and I’ll capture those feelings when I write.”

Where have you played and where are you currently playing? “I’ve played at The Rusty Nail, The Grape Room, and Kildares, but currently, I am playing at JD McGuillicuddy’s every other week, usually Friday nights. I am actively pursuing new places to play. Music is my number one passion – this is truly what I want to do for the rest of my life so I am always looking for new places.”

What is your favorite part about playing live around school? “Being able to play for my friends and playing in general, when I see someone grooving out to my songs, that’s the best reward. It’s a double reward, really, making people move and getting out what I’ve produced.”

Where do you see yourself taking your music? How would you like to incorporate it into your future? “Mostly production. My strongest suit is producing music. People actually go to college for music production, but I can honestly say I taught myself, sitting in my room, watching YouTube videos. My range of influence is different. That is what sets me, and my music, apart. One day I am listening to Wu Tang brothers, the next day, the Almond brothers…I literally pull from everywhere.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in music? Pharrell – he is the reason why I started making beats. He has been making music for over twenty years, but his whole mentality and outlook on things – he doesn’t showboat and he is always humble. If you are too cocky, you rub people the wrong way. If you aren’t genuine, people can feel that in your music.

Most recently played on your phone/top five favorite songs:

1. James Blake – Life Round Here

2. Rigamortis – Kendrick Lamar

3. Naked as We Came – Iron & White

4. Man of the Year – Schoolboy Q

5. Vultures – John Mayer

Best concert? “It might sound weird, but Beyonce at Made in America this past Labor Day – I snuck into the VIP section. I could feel her energy. Being that close to such a world-wide icon was amazing, she puts on one of the best shows I have seen in my life – the lights, her dancers, her own dancing, everything. I was so close I could touch her.”

What’s next for you? “I’m actually working on an album right now. My competitive advantage is my range and I’m trying to perfect that. Half the work is hip hop, with my own production of beats and myself rapping and the other half, is acoustic.”

What keeps you moving forward? “I’ll tell myself I’ll sit down for an hour to work on something and the next thing you know it, three or four hours go by, but I think one of the biggest reasons behind success is positivity – genuine positivity and I try to be positive in all that I do. Positive intentions behind whatever you do are necessary for success.”

I left my interview with Jaron reeling from his positive energy. We then met up with HC SJU’s talented Kelly Wallace to capture these photos with two of Jaron’s favorite things – his guitar and our campus.

Catch Jaron’s next performance on February 21st at JD McGuillicuddy’s from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and check out his music on his website: www.soundcloud.com/jaronparham




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