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Gifts to Get Your BFF this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, which fortunately or unfortunately, brings to light the current state of our love lives. Whether you have a special man in your life or not, Valentine’s Day is not a time to forgot about how much you cherish your lovely ladies. So this v-day, show the girls some love because honestly, where would we be without them? Our best friends are the ones that stand by us every February 14th and they deserve to be remembered for their loyalty and love. Here are some fabulous options for under $25!



This inspiring book is the perfect gift for your main girl who is secretly a bookworm. Inside, MK gives valuable advice she’s gained over the years on confidence, self-love, acceptance, and inner beauty. Treasure yourself is an easy read that will leave a lady feeling loved and happy, without outside approval.




Either one of these pretty rings above from Urban Outfitter’s Valentine’s Shop would make a chic surprise for a lady you love. They are simple, stylish, and show you care!




Another great option from Urban Outfitters is these Lolita inspired heart-shaped sunnies. These are adorable, romantic, and will remind your gal that summer is right around the corner even in this never ending polar vortex!




For the beauty obsessed, gift her with this Tarte lip tint in Amused. This bright pink color is moisturizing, long lasting and will be sure to have her feeling in a V-day state of mind!



For the friend that likes to rock a bold red, this is the perfect statement lip for her. Stila’s fiery red lipstick will have her feeling like a million bucks whether she’s got a date or not!




For the movie lover, the above films are two great choices. Stuck in Love is a great not-so-sappy love flick to gift one of your girlfriends. If a friend has a girl crush on Rachel McAdams like the rest of us, then About Time will be sure to captivate her long enough to forget about her boyfriend’s forgetfulness. Packed with adorable moments, this movie will make you both laugh and cry, leaving audiences feeling light-hearted and warm inside. Gift these to create a movie date night for you and your bestie!




 Don’t forget to show your girlfriends the love on Valentine’s Day and give each of them a gift she’ll truly cherish!



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