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Funny SJU Wardrobe Fails

We all have those school days, Friday-night-outs, and awkward phases filled with rips, slips, and regret. Style is important to a lot of us here at HerCampus; however, behind the scenes can get messy. Here are some of the stories from St. Joe’s girls, and we’ll start with yours truly.


“For some reason, my jeans don’t like me. Last year, the seam to my back pocket burst out, so I had to lower my backpack straps to hide the gaping hole until I could go back to my room and change. This year, I ruined two pairs of jeans by doing the classic “jean dance” a little too aggressively and ripping my belt loops.”

            -Corinne Sinesi


“One time, I was walking to an 8 am class (left my room at 7:55 of course), and as I’m running to class my flip flop BROKE. The part that goes in between your toes broke off and I literally put a hair tie around my foot to keep it together. So embarrassing…”

            -Franki Rudnesky

“A few of my roommates and I were staying up late to study and we decided to take a trip to Wawa. I didn’t feel like putting on real clothes so I went to Wawa wearing a white fluffy robe, socks over my leggings, and purple Ugg moccasins.”

            – Alyssa Tomasic


“Freshman year I was walking back to my dorm after having 3 classes all day and ran into one of my guy friends who informed me I was wearing one neon green flip flop and one bright blue one. I had no idea I was walking around campus all day like that.”

            -Carly Cochrane


“There was a fire drill in Mandeville when I had to be dressed in business casual.”

            -Megan Rogers

“I wore heeled booties on a day I had to walk across campus, I’m not really sure why I did that. The shoes were so uncomfortable that I never made it to class.”

            -Katherine Bravacos


“The bottom of my gladiator sandals broke and kept flapping around every time I tried to take a step. I had to walk across campus dragging my leg around behind me in a semi circle to keep from tripping. They were Tory Burch. Still bitter.”

            -Paige Norris


“First day of classes freshman year, I wore flowy shorts and my backpack caused my shorts to rise up and thankfully these two really nice girls told me my butt was showing before I walked by a group of guys… SO EMBARRASSING.”

            -Megan Rogers


“Freshman year I wore a cardigan with a cute Tshirt dress and every time I lifted my arms my backpack pulled my cardigan up which pulled my dress up. Didn’t find out till after my friend walked behind me halfway to class. So SJU saw my butt.”

            -Baylee Tempesta


“My ankles literally bleed in all my shoes, basically every day, and I constantly have to ask people in class for Band-Aids. I never wear a bra in Campion. For this past finals week, I wore a floral Patagonia, sweatpants, two different socks, my yellow crocs, and a neon orange t-shirt underneath. It was shocking…”

            -Meg Croley


“I was wearing a backless dress at a formal last year so had sticky boobs on. It was super hot/sweaty in the bar though and I could feel them starting to get loose. So I took them off and stuck them in my purse for the rest of the night so I didn’t lose one on the dance floor.”

            -Paige Norris


There’s a lesson to be learned in all this madness: no matter how cute you look, there’s always room for a wardrobe fail.





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