Finals Week As Told By April Ludgate

We all know that feeling of doom that settles in right after we return from Thanksgiving break. After a relaxing handful of days at home, you're thrust back into the world of last minute assignments and--gasp--finals. The final two weeks of the semester aren't just an emotional roller coaster; they're the entire theme park.

When you're so ready for Christmas, but teachers decide to add more to their finals and stress you out.

So you go out one last weekend before locking yourself away to study.

But you drink more than you promised yourself you would and spend that time studying in misery.

You're dreading those final group projects,

And cannot remember those chapters the professor said would definitely be on the final.

On top of that, the kid who didn't pay attention all semester asks to see your notes.

But then that cute lumberjack looking guy who sits in front of you texts you asking if you want to study with him.

You've also decided that ordering take out majority of the week is acceptable due to your emotional state.

Because you're struggling to finish all those papers you procrastinated on, so you're just babbling at this point.

And you've reasoned that since you've been awake for nearly 24 hours, any place is a good place to take a nap. 

Plus, all your friends have already finished their finals and are going out to celebrate. Duh they invited you, but there's still so many flashcards to make...

You begin to consider alternative careers just in case you fail all of your finals.

But then you give yourself a killer peptalk because you're amazing and smart and you're going to get through this.


And in the end, you did much better than you thought you would (becauase you're a total rockstar)

Let's do this, Hawks!