Fall Essentials: 7 Things to Keep in Your Bag

We’re already over a month into fall and the temperatures have officially dropped here on Hawk Hill. Ladies, are your lips chapped? Is your skin dry? Are you starting to feel a bit under the weather? Don’t worry! Here are 7 fall essentials that’ll help you with those issues and more!

1.     Lip Balm

Picture this: You’re getting ready to head to campus. You start making your way there and as soon you get to your class, your lips are as drier than paper. Don’t want that to be you? Then, be sure to keep your fave lip balm (or even a mini vaseline) in your bag.

2.     Hand Lotion

Your chapped lips will have nothing on your dry hands this season! A tube of hand lotion is a necessity. If you don’t already have a favorite kind picked out, try EOS’ hand lotion. It’s so small, it won’t even take up any space in your bag.

3.     Hand Sanitizer

Unfortunately, with the fall season, comes cold and flu season. How many people have already come down with a cold this season? I know I have! Everything we touch is covered in germs - our desks, door handles, and even our own phones. You should always have hand sanitizer handy so that you can keep your hands as clean as possible!

4.     Tissues

Maybe it’s just me, but I always wake up with a stuffy nose during the fall season. Sometimes, I randomly am in desperate need to blow my nose - even when I don’t feel a cold coming on. Girls, if you can relate to this, you need to keep a pack of tissues with you at all times.

5.     A Mini Lint Roller

It’s time to break out your fuzzy sweaters, furry coats, and sherpa jackets! But, oh no! Your fuzzy sweater shed all over your cute black jeans. You look down at your jeans in horror as you’re sitting in your first class of the day. You 2 more classes and 2 meetings before you can go home and change… Sound familiar? Keep a mini lint roller in your bag and this will never be you again!

6.     Band-aids

It’s especially important to keep a small box or container of band-aids with you during dry skin season. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re definitely more likely to get little hand and finger cuts as the weather cools down. Also, that new pair of booties or flats may leave you with blisters. It’s best to be prepared!


7.     Vitamin C

No one wants to get sick during the school year. I know I try every trick in the book to avoid getting sick. One of my tricks to combatting a cold as quick as possible is taking a Vitamin C supplement. There so many different options to choose from and they’re all small enough to fit in your bag!

With these items packed in your bag at all times, you’re prepared for anything! Well… maybe not for that exam next week, but you know what i mean. You’re welcome!