Empowered Women Empower Women

Women have not only changed the world, but they have changed its beauty standards! The recent focus on self love and body positivity has allowed influencers and celebrities to aid in the change of thinking. These female figures serve as a guide for others through their courageousness, activism, and self-acceptance. The development of strong self confidence in one woman, allows girls and women alike to find peace with their body, mind and soul. It’s true that women empower women. In honor of Women’s History Month, here are the women who are dominating 2019 and destroying beauty standards along the way.


Ashley Graham

Some have referred to her as the “Queen of Curves”, and that she is. Ashley Graham made her biggest breakthrough when she became the first plus size model, at size 16, to be featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Graham has stood as an advocate for body positivity as she often poses confidently in her skin. Her instagram highlights realistic features of womens bodies, like cellulite and rolls. The most empowering thing of all, Ashley does not consider herself plus size. She claims this is “my size.”. A big thumbs up for Ashley Graham teaching us how to love the skin we’re in. Check out her swimsuit line called Swimsuits For All!


Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a powerhouse. She reflects the strength and beauty we all aspire to achieve. She has often received backlash from spectators and opponents about her “masculine frame” and “lack of beauty”. Despite being told so, she continues to embrace her unique build and inspires other women to remain confident through the use of her hashtag #BeSeenBeHeard. Her clothing line is designed for women and men, including sizes from X-small to 3X! Serena continues to break the boundaries that confine her to what a “real” tennis player should be. She is black, beautiful, strong, and unapologetic. Serena will continue to remind us all to be our authentic selves!



Rihanna, who is often known solely for her vocal talent, she made new headlines in September of 2017. The release of Fenty Beauty was the ultimate game changer for the makeup industry. Rihanna was one of the few makeup creators to reflect shades of all skin tones, which included 40 different shades of foundation, and various highlighters, contours, blushes, and lipsticks. Rihanna sparked the “Fenty effect” which caused other major brands to become inclusive of darker and lighter tones. Rihanna has continued to empower women through the creation of her Savage X Fenty line. She has developed intimates that are comfortable and reflect true nude shades of women. Her line also includes plus size options. All of her creations reflect a range of support and inclusion for all women, especially women of color and plus sizes. Rihanna has faced body shaming from critics who have insulted her for gaining weight. Despite the negativity and criticism, taking a look at Rihanna’s instagram reassures us all that she is happy and still rocking her curves.


Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow has made headlines ever since she kicked off her modeling career in 2014 on America’s Next Top Model. Despite her loss on the show, Winnie truly became one of America’s next top models. She broke the standards of the modeling industry with her fierce skin, paving the way for other unique models to walk the runway. Using her vitiligo as a voice of advocating for young women and men, she has developed a following that is not only devoted to her modeling career but devoted to her self acceptance. Winnie has inspired us to adore each mark on our skin, whether it is a condition or not. She has taught us that having a condition, whether it be mental or physical, does not mean you must confine to those boundaries.


Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is the real definition of a kick ass woman. She has devoted her life to creating her career as a plus size model. Not only is Tess plus size, she is covered in some amazing tattoos. She advocates for body positivity and began the #effyourbeautystandards movement. Her movement has allowed women of all sizes to connect to others, sharing their fashion choices and tips on social media. She is also an advocate for women who have experienced domestic violence. For Tess, the appearance of someone should not affect the thoughts of another. Her body and health does not concern others, and neither does ours. Tess reminds us all that our body shape does not reflect who were are as a person and to go ##effyourbeautystandards you’ve been conformed to.


Alexandra Beth

Alexandra Beth has joined the influential Youtube era, but in a different way. This woman has exposed her raw self to her viewers during AlexandrasGirlyTalk. She has taught women how to find clothing that fits their body and how to avoid those uh-oh moments. Her videos are not designed for one body type or one person, they are inclusive for all women. She talks about hair, emotions, health, fitness, body positivity, and the list goes on. I can assure you after visiting her Youtube channel you will suddenly have the urge to design your own self care routine and find the jeans that fit your thighs without looking too tight or baggy. Alexandra empowers us with her knowledge and strength to talk about almost anything.