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CoverGirl #GirlsCan Campaign Empowers Women

The new Covergirl marketing campaign, “Girls Can”, screams female empowerment.  Famous role models, including Katy Perry, Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, and P!nk, stand up to show young girls that they do anything they put their mind to.  The advertisement starts off with things the women were told they “can’t do,” followed by how they achieved their dreams.

 The ad, which debuted during the Sochi closing ceremony, does not mention anything related to makeup or beauty, but instead encourages confidence and power in women.  These powerful women are perfect examples of turning “can’ts into cans” because they’ve done just that.  Even after being told they couldn’t do something, they were able to triumph and succeed in their profession.

And if this video wasn’t enough, CoverGirl has also partnered with Soledad O’Brien to produce a video series of true stories young women may face and how to succeed, so look out for more to come!

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