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CHILL OUT: 5 Easy Ways to Relax Before Midterms



The semester is in full swing! It feels we were just doing icebreakers, yet here we are with midterms on the mind. The weather is brisk, the days are short, and my stress in doubling each day. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with so many obligations, deadlines, and due dates, but with these fast and timely tips, you will find you inner zen.


Drink Tea

Even though the American hot drink of choice is coffee, I challenge you to venture across the pond and put the kettle on. Tea is known for its numerous health benefits, and there is nothing more uplifting like bringing a steaming mug to your lips and basking in its warmth. I suggest chamomile or lavender after a long day to wind down. You definitely get bonus points if you put your phone down and just enjoy the cup



Listen to music

Yes, you listen to music on your walk to class, or on the commute to your internship, but you actually immersing yourself in the pleasure of a well produced melody. I suggest making a playlist specifically made for the times you are completely bugging out and just sitting and listening to the words, instrumentals, and tempo. Focusing on the music even for just a little bit will go a long way. 




Grab a pen and paper, because we are going old school! While you could use your tablet and stylus, the sound of pen gliding over the paper is euphoric. Revel in the process of journaling, reflect on the day’s events, and note the highs and lows. After having a particularly stressful day it is imperative that you write everything that is upsetting down on paper. Talk about instant mood upper!  




The art of meditating is taking minutes out of your day to center your mind. This helps you focus on your goals and exceed your own personal expectations. Taking five or ten minutes every morning to rejuvenate your thoughts fosters an environment where you can attack every challenge knowing that you can achieve your desired outcome.




When all else fails and things are hitting the fan take a step back from your own life and immerse yourself into someone else’s. Not only is it a good temporary distraction from the chaos that is midterms, but it also helps put your life into perspective. Spending even a few minutes in Hogwarts or Middle-earth is a surefire way to calm the nerves.


Say it with me, ohmmmm.




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