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Campus Cutie: Morgan Williams

This week I had the chance to catch up with this cutie, Morgan Williams!


Year: Sophomore


Major: International Relations


Hometown: Washington, D.C.


Things you’re involved in on campus: Phi Sigma Sigma, Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), Admissions Office Hawk

Relationship Status: Single


What’s the best class you’ve taken at SJU so far?: Sociology: Social Problems and Change


Favorite spot to hang on campus? Barbelin Beach (when it’s nice outside)


Fun Fact: I broke my toe once, but that has been my only broken bone


Top 3 Songs you currently have on repeat: Shape of You (Ed Sheeran), That’s What I Like (Bruno Mars), Sexual (Neiked)


3 words to describe you would be: Outgoing, driven, confident

Ice cream or water ice? Ice cream


Cheesesteaks or hoagies? Cheesesteaks, obviously!


Starbucks or Dunkin? Starbucks always!


Look out for this cutie on campus!





Kiana is a sophomore at Saint Joseph's University majoring in English. She is a contributing writer for The Lala and previously a contributing writer for The Prospect. 
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