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Campus Cutie: Jill Rogers

Meet Jill Rogers, this week’s Campus Cutie! Combine her great style (her outfits are always color coordinated and perfectly matched) and bright, lovable personality and you’ve got a real cutie! Here are some things to get to know her by.

Year? Sophomore    

Major? Interdisciplinary Health Services Major, Healthcare Ethics and Marketing Minors

Hometown? West Chester, PA

Where are you living on campus? Rashford

What are you involved in on campus? AOII Secretary, Relay for Life Team Development Chair, Ignite XVI Leader, Chemistry Teaching Assistant



Relationship Status? Oh my god, don’t ask me that. You sound like my grandma. She doesn’t know why I’m not married yet. (A.K.A. very single)

Favorite Song? Jackie and Wilson by Hozier

What’s one quote that you love? “I want to be like a sunflower, so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.”

Do you have any pets? I have a little doxie named Oscar Pal. He’s a wirehaired dachshund and he’s the light of my life.



Guilty pleasure? Stalking people on the gram. (She has over 14,000 followers and one of her posts was featured on ABC News)

Who is your biggest inspiration? My dad…dude worked hard AF. But actually, he worked really hard for everything he earned and was loved by all. He just wanted everyone to be happy all of the time!

What is your favorite thing about St. Joe’s? The sense of community, walking through campus and always seeing a smiling face…the amount of love I get from people when I’m stressed out and there’s always somebody to turn to.



Fun Fact? I am an ice cream connoisseur; I’ve worked at an ice cream place on LBI for 7 years. Lena Dunham came into the shop once, and I didn’t know who she was at the time…I got obsessed with the show “Girls” shortly after.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate chip cookie – but its not just pieces of cookie dough, the entire thing is cookie dough ice cream.  None of that vanilla junk.

Next time you see this smiling cutie on campus, make sure to say hi!



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