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Campus Celebrity: Maria Krup


Meet this week’s campus celebrity, Maria Krup. When she isn’t actively involved in Greek Life or out running, you can find her tearing up the dance floor!

Let’s start with the basics!


Hometown: North Caldwell, NJ           


Major: Double Major in Early Education and Special Education


Favorite Food: I can’t say no to a good cheeseburger.


Describe yourself in 3 Words: friendly, outgoing, compassionate


You just finished your first half marathon, congratulations! What made you want to complete one?


Thank you! Last semester I ran the Broad Street Run and after I crossed the finish line I was like, wow I could totally run three more miles. So in July I signed up for the Rock and Rock Half Marathon.


What was the training like?


I honestly want to be like “OMG training was great!” but like obviously it wasn’t. I ran everyday leading up to the race but I wish I ran more miles. Running is all mental and that was half of the battle. When I was training I literally was like why am I doing this. But once I got to the race all those thoughts went away and now I want to run more.


You have a huge presence on the Panhellenic Council here at SJU, tell me what your role is like.


I am the President of the Panhellenic Council (Panhel for short). Nationwide there are 26 women’s fraternities and sororities that are associated with the National Panhellenic Conference. All the sororities here on campus are affiliated with the NPC. They all follow the rules stated in the Manual of Information also called the “Greenbook” that the National Panhellenic sets. This book give examples as to how recruitment should be run as well has how to initial new sororities on campus.

Are you involved at anything else here at SJU?


Yes! This year will be my second year going on APEX. Last year I went to West Jefferson and this spring I will be going to Deer Lodge, Tennessee.


Do you have any advice you would give to your freshman self?


I would definately tell my freshman self that you can’t win ‘em all.


Is there anything on your bucket list for after graduation?


Yes! I love to travel and after graduation I’m going to visit my friend who lives in Madrid! Ariba!


Thanks Maria! And hawks, be sure to give a warm hello to friendly Maria if you see her on campus!

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