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Campus Celebrity: Alex Suriano

This week’s SJU Campus Celebrity truly lives up to the title because he joined me for coffee in the middle of finals week to answer some questions. While I met him my freshman year through mutual friends, we had never talked one-on-one for an extended period of time. I quickly learned through talking to Alex Suriano that he is someone who cares a lot about his friends and family. He has many qualities that make him unique and I could tell simply from our hour chat that he is one-of-a-kind. If you’re not immediately blinded by his smile, then you’ll be able to understand for yourself what I’m saying. Now I’m sure that you want to know the inside scoop on Mr. Suriano, so take a little study break and read up (you won’t regret this ladies).


HC: What year are you?

AS: Senior


HC: When is your birthday and what is your sign?

AS: April 21, 1994 and Taurus 


HC: Where are you from?

AS: Scotch Plains, NJ


HC: What is your major?

AS: I’m an Accounting major. I actually declared this as my major when I came into SJU as a freshman. I had taken some accounting classes in high school and liked them, so I knew that it was something that I wanted to pursue in the future. The accounting program was one of the main selling points of SJU for me.


HC: What are you involved in on campus?

AS: Well I was on Student Senate my sophomore year, and an accounting SI for two years, am a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, member of the Accounting Society, a Sutula Scholar, and an Intermural Flag football champion (shout out to Mel Kiper’s Best Available).



HC: Are you currently single or taken?

AS: Single


HC: Describe your perfect date!

AS: Obviously dinner at a sushi restaurant, preferably KOI. It would have to be BYOB so that I could supply a dry red cab. Oh by the way, this is all taking place in New York City. After we finish our dinner, we would go strolling around in the city together. (I really hope that you’re taking notes ladies) 


HC: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

AS: Stick to the basics: soft serve vanilla, with rainbow sprinkles.


HC: What advice would you give to your freshman year self?

AS: Definitely to play a sport. I wish that I joined club baseball. I also would have choose to double major in economics.


HC: Dunkin’ or Starbucks?

AS: 100% Starbucks. Black coffee from Starbucks never disappoints. The quality of Dunkin’ is just not the same. Although, in living near Main Street, Manayunk I prefer coffee from Volo Coffee House.


HC: Where do you like to shop?

AS: J-Crew. My wardrobe is literally all J-Crew, it’s kinda bad. (I assured him that this is not a bad thing at all, don’t worry)


HC: Any plans for after graduation?

AS: Yes, I accepted a full time offer at Deloitte in NYC. I will be joining the Investment Management and Hedge Fund team. I’m excited about my placement because I’ll be working at their headquarters. I grew up watching many of my friends’ parents work in NYC, and ever since it has been a goal of mine.


HC: What’s your favorite memory at SJU?

AS: I take part in the intermural flag football league here and it is definitely a different type of outlet for many students. It’s really more competitive than you might think. So how it works is that SJU has a bunch of teams and we play against each other during the regular season. Then we have playoffs and my team won this year, which meant that we represented SJU at the City 6 tournament at Drexel. Unfortunately, we lost to Temple by 3 points in the championship, but it was awesome and I couldn’t imagine this year without being a part of a great team with my friends.


HC: What’s your favorite bar in Manayunk?

AS: Brew Pub in the summertime and Cuddy’s during the school year. I feel as though Cuddy’s has that neighborhood bar feel, like you can socialize on first floor and second floor or go to the third if you want to dance. Provides options. Luckily for me it’s in close walking distance of my house.


HC: You seem to be on a great path in your life as you end your first semester of your final year at SJU. Is there anything that you wish to accomplish in the future?

AS: Well I do have a few ultimate dreams. Once I’m much older, I’d like to leave corporate America and open my own restaurant. I currently work at an Italian restaurant in Center City with my roommates and I love it. I’m friends with the owner and the restaurant poses a strong sense of community. Although I haven’t had much spare time to learn how to cook, being a college student, I plan on exploring that field after graduation. My dad’s a great cook and I want to be able to get to that point eventually. On a less serious note, I want to learn how to surf and travel the world.



So Hawks, as you are running to make it to your exams on time this week, if you see this stylish accounting superstar roaming about our campus, make sure that you say hello. I never would’ve met Alex if I didn’t say hello to him myself last year and I’m glad that I did. Now you can easily spot him by looking for the guy holding a grande hot coffee from Starbucks and smiling with his friends (most likely in the library). We are both wishing you luck on your finals!





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