Campus Celeb: Broghan Heron '17


I had the pleasure of interviewing the hilarious Broghan Heron. Broghan and I have actually gone to same school now since middle school. She has always been super funny – and honestly she got robbed by not winning the senior superlative of Class Clown. Broghan and I decided to head to DB after one of our classes together because the curly fries are hard to resist.


HC: Where did you grow up?

Broghan: Chadds Ford, PA


HC: Major?

Broghan: Food Marketing Co-op


HC: Involvements on campus?

Broghan: I’m a 2nd year RA in Lafarge (s/o to the third floor!), a Women’s Basketball manager, I’m in the Co-op program and I’ve been on APEX.

                                                                                                                 Classic APEX prom pic   

HC: Time for some fun questions. Morning or night?

Broghan: Night


HC: McDonalds or Chick-fil-a?

Broghan: That’s a hard one... I guess Chick-fil-a because the Chick-fil-a sauce kills me.


HC: Pancakes or waffles?

Broghan: Definitely waffles


HC: Rain or snow?

Broghan: Snow


HC: Pepsi or Coke?

Coke (great choice!)


HC: Hot dogs or hamburgers?

Broghan: Hot dogs without a doubt. I have a sign in my room that says “Hot Dogs Here!”


Broghan: This is too funny. What are you going to ask me next? Left hand or right hand?! Pinky toe or pinky finger?!


HC: Okay here are some open-ended questions. Favorite type of sushi?

Broghan: Eel and avocado roll.


HC: Favorite current pump up song?

Broghan: Do it Again by Pia Mia, Kylie Jenner’s friend.


HC: What’s your favorite part about being a manager for the women’s team?

Broghan: Feeling like you’re apart of something and being recognized for the work you do. Being with powerful women, especially the coaches, they are all great role models. The team is very appreciative of our work and that goes a long way.

                                                                               Broghan with her fellow Women's Basketball managers and Coach Griffin

HC: So you’ve been a Philly girl your whole life. What’s your favorite part about Philadelphia?

I love going to Eagles games with my dad, and getting Chickie’s and Pete’s. I’ve been going for eleven years. I just love the engaging atmosphere of all the Eagles fans in the Linc.


HC: Go-to DB order?

Broghan: Simple. Grilled Cheese, curly fries, side of ketchup. And a Coca-Cola with lime.


HC: Go-to place to study?

Broghan: (Laughs a lot) I always attempt the third floor of the library, but it’s so quiet that I end up laughing and have to go downstairs to be more social.


Next time you see Broghan, whether it’s in DB or Hagan, definitely say hi! She is the easiest person to talk to and will definitely make you smile!

xo, Marissa