Campus Celeb: Brendan Shields '18

I have had the pleasure to work alongside this week’s Campus Celeb in the Admissions office! Let’s get to know one of the nicest guys on campus, Brendan Shields!


HC: Major?

BS: Risk Management & Insurance and Finance


HC: Hometown?

BS: Loudonville, NY


HC: What are you involved in?

BS: Rugby, Office Hawk and Hawk Host, Radio 1851, and DSP

HC: Why did you choose Saint Joe’s?

BS: I really love the campus. The size was perfect for me and the community aspect was great. Everyone was so welcoming (especially Ellen my admissions counselor!) and made me feel at home. My mom liked it too which made the decision a lot easier (aw).


HC: What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming SJU students?

BS: Sign-up for everything at the activities fair. It is worth all the emails! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. If you had told me in high school that I would play rugby and be in DSP, I would call you crazy!

HC: What is your favorite spot on campus?

BS: Easily the Perch… No one goes there, but it is a great place to chill and study. On Sundays, it is a great opportunity to watch the Buffalo Bills (still waiting on a playoff appearance).


HC: Any plans for the summer?

BS: I accepted an internship with AYCO, a finance counseling group outside of Albany. In addition, I will be spending a lot of my time at Lake George (check out relaxing and getting ready for senior year.


HC: Starbucks or Dunkin?

BS: Starbucks for drinks, Dunkin’ for food.


HC: What is your favorite show to binge watch?

BS: The Office.


HC: Good choice. What is your favorite quote?

BS: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretsky” - Michael Scott

HC: If you could have any pet what would it be?

BS: Sea otter. Next question.


HC: If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

BS: Sweden. I’ve always loved the Scandinavian countries and the nature is amazing.

Well, now you know a little bit more about this soon-to-be senior! Make sure you say hi to Brendan around campus!