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Best Online Stores to Satisfy Your Formal SZN Needs

Spring is here and that means formal season. Here are some of the best stores to buy cute, comfortable, and affordable dresses for all your formal and date party needs.

1. Windsor

Windsor is my all time go-to when it comes to finding a dress for every occasion. This store has such a wide variety of dresses, from sequined to lace, from cocktail to maxi, the selection is endless, not to mention they are super inexpensive and the quality is amazing. My favorite dress is this velvet floral cocktail dress.

2. Lulu’s

Lulus is another great online shop, with a dress selection that is just as abundant as Windsor. There are so many cute dresses to choose from, I find myself spending hours on their website trying to find the perfect dress for whatever the occasion may be.

3. Boohoo

This online store is similar to Lulu’s and even more affordable. Based out in the UK, their dresses take a little time to get shipped, so act fast and don’t wait until the last minute like me to get your date party dress!

4. Tobi

These dresses are to die for and are super flattering, comfy, and affordable! Tobi is an awesome place to do online dress shopping and have a variety of dresses that are very unique, beyond the classic little black or red dress. This store is definitely worth checking out!



Cover Photo by Alex Gaydos

Saint Joseph's University Campus Correspondent
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