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Adidas vs. Nike

Recently on campus, I have been seeing a lot more strips and a lot less swoosh. Both Adidas and Nike have been dominating the market for years, but Nike has always been on top. Recently, Adidas has been more popular in the fashion world thanks to some designer collaborations, bringing back the classics such as Stan Smiths, and the new YEEZY Season project. I sat down with fans of Team Adidas and Team Nike to see why they choose the shoes they do.


HC: Are you Team Adidas or Team Nike?

Alyssa Huelbig: Team Nike, that is until the Stan Smiths came back.

Jane Riccardi: Team Adidas.


HC: What made you choose one over the other?

Alyssa: I feel like they are designed more for running and exercising. Out of habit and brand loyalty I just always bought Nikes over Adidas.

Jane: Adidas has the same quality, but they are generally less expensive. And they are more comfortable.

HC: What would make you switch teams?

Alyssa: Those new grey YEEZYs!

Jane: If Nike weren’t as expensive, they need to lower their prices a little bit.


There you have it! What team are you, Nike or Adidas? Look out for Alyssa and Jane rockin’ their Nike and Adidas footwear around campus!








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