3 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

What is better than seeing one of your friends or family members opening up a gift that you have had planned for months? You see their smile and know that you have successfully figured out the perfect gift. The only thing that can top this experience is seeing a stranger with the same smile. Since giving is better than receiving, here are 3 ways to give back to your community this holiday season!


1. Toys for Tots

I’m sure you remember anxiously waiting for Santa to deliver your toys on Christmas Eve, but some children aren’t as lucky. Donate toys to local drop-off sites! The Marine Corps Toys for Tots website can show you every drop-off location in your county.

2. The Salvation Army

Throughout the next month, you will be seeing the iconic Salvation Army Bell Ringers outside many malls and stores. The Salvation Army helps many different people, including children and the elderly. Consider donating your extra change or even sign-up to be a bell ringer!

3. Local Soup Kitchen

So many of us take a nice warm meal for granted. By participating in a meal at a soup kitchen you not only will help serve the meal, but often you can sit down with the guests once everything is served. Many of the guests will be homeless, or close to it, and alone. A simple conversation can brighten their day and holiday season! If you’re in the area over break, check out Broad Street Ministry. If not, churches are a great source to find your local soup kitchen.

These are just three of many ways to give back this winter! For many of us, the holiday season is filled with love and laughter, but there are also many people who will not have the same experience. Make it your goal to change someone’s holiday season this year!