11 Reasons Why Saint Joe's Wins the Holy War


Two words: Holy War. These words are enriched in the minds of Hawks and Wildcats. Yes, Villanova does have a better basketball team (currently). Yes, Villanova has won more games in the history of the Holy War. Although the previous statements are sadly true, Saint Joseph’s University wins the Holy War between the schools when considering more than just basketball.

1. You may have a pretty church, but we have a beautiful bell tower.

2. Our mascot is all over campus. Nova, have you seen any Wildcats recently?

3. We donated 972 pounds of canned food and $2,500 to Philabundance last year! #magis


4. We play all of our home games in Hagan Arena, instead of going off campus.

5. Our dance team is the current National Champion in both Division 1 Pom and Hip Hop.

6. Joe Lunardi, ESPN’s Bracketologist, is a Hawk and still works at SJU.

7. APEX, our spring break service program, sold out in just FIVE HOURS.

8. We always know how to decorate for the Holy War.

9.  ... And we know how to make a statement. 

10. You may have had Harry Styles, but we had the Pope. THE POPE.

11. Last, but certainly not least, THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE.