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On November 6, 2023, K-pop rookie boy group ZEROBASEONE came back to melt the hearts of their fans, Zeroses, with their newest EP — also known as an extended play —titled “MELTING POINT.”

As a fan of ZEROBASEONE since their days on Boys Planet, the eagerly anticipated comeback did not disappoint.“MELTING POINT” beckons listeners into a realm of sonic exploration, where dreamy arrangements, captivating beats, and soulful ballads converge to create one of the greatest K-pop comebacks this year. 


Is it too late to phone MAMA and demand they crown “MELTING POINT” as song of the year? 

“MELTING POINT” isn’t just a song; it’s the album’s core. In a year brimming with musical gems, this track stands out as a shining star, capturing the very essence of winter with its dreamy arrangements. 

The ethereal melodies and instrumentation create a sonic picture of a winter wonderland, and its release in November beautifully aligns with the cozy embrace of the season.

I cannot help but gush over Taerae’s captivating contributions to “MELTING POINT.” His lines in the song are enchanting, injecting the perfect blend of emotion and charisma. These moments remind me of the individual brilliance each member brings to the collective synergy of ZEROBASEONE.

Moreover, the choreography accompanying the opening track deserves its spotlight; it embodies a delightful combination of cuteness and youthful exuberance. A guilty pleasure, perhaps, but who could resist pressing replay an unhealthy amount of times? The dance routine adds a layer of charm to the enchanting song, making it both an auditory delight and a visual treat.

Viewing “MELTING POINT” as a whole, it is no wonder this track stands out as a fan favorite. The warmth of the winter concept, the dreamy arrangements, Taerae’s standout moments, and the youthful choreography collectively contribute to an experience that transcends the typical K-pop fare. 

Take My Hand

Take My Hand” carries a melodic resonance that echoes the signature sound of GOT7, an aspect that profoundly resonates and endears this song to my heart. Its reminiscent quality of GOT7’s discography is one of the compelling reasons I love this song.

The lyrics are a tapestry of beauty and solace, weaving a narrative of love, companionship, and boundless possibilities. They extend an invitation to embark on a journey to a world painted with dreams and aspirations. With themes of freedom, happiness, and new beginnings, the lyrics immerse the listener in a euphoric sense of liberation and excitement.

What makes this song genuinely mesmerizing is the uniqueness of each member’s voice. Matthew, Gunwook, and Zhang Hao, in particular, shine brightly in this melody. Their vocal nuances interlace seamlessly into the song’s fabric, enriching it with depth and character.


ZEROBASEONE’s title track — also known as the promoted song of an album – “CRUSH,” emerged as a magnetic force, instantly becoming one of my favorite songs from the group. Initially, I was unsure if “CRUSH” would live up to their debut track, “In Bloom.” However, ZEROBASEONE proved me wrong. 

From the first notes, “CRUSH” infuses a sense of empowerment akin to being a knight in shining armor, poised to conquer the world’s challenges. Adorned with pots-and-pans percussion, the chorus adds a unique texture that amplifies the song’s allure, giving it an edgy yet captivating charm.

What truly captivates me are the bridge and post-bridge segments; they evoke imagery reminiscent of a pre-final battle scene in a medieval epic, immersing listeners in a cinematic journey of grandeur and valor.

Among the standout performances, Taerae and Hanbin’s vocal prowess shines brightly, leaving an indelible mark. Gunwook’s stage presence and command during the performances also add an electrifying energy, making each performance an exhilarating spectacle.

Kidz Zone

Kidz Zone” is a sentimental melody that seamlessly weaves through the tapestry of nostalgia, effortlessly tapping into the reservoirs of youthful sentiments. The resonance of this song evokes the carefree essence of being young and spirited, particularly highlighted by Zhang Hao’s soul-stirring rendition of “We’ll be kidz forever.”

One of the song’s enchanting features is the rich vocal layering, a conduit for the nostalgic soundscape. This layering crafts an intricate experience, drawing listeners deeper into the world of cherished memories.

A standout moment for me lies within Tareae and Hanbin’s delivery of the second verse. Their dynamic vocals instill the song with infectious energy and vivacity, adding an extra layer of charisma and spunk.

“Kidz Zone” is a sonic time capsule that takes me back to my childhood innocence. It feels like a serene ascension to a realm where reveries of the past intertwine with the present, invoking a sense of euphoria and serenity that’s both enchanting and comforting. Listening to this song is akin to embarking on a nostalgic journey of blissful reminiscence and an unspoken promise of everlasting youthfulness.

Good Night

Good Night,” the closing track, beautifully culminates the EP with dreamy soundscapes that echo the overarching theme of dreamy nostalgia. The subtle sampling of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It added a layer of depth and familiarity that tugged at the heartstrings, offering a comforting and touching experience. 

Moreover, the instrumental arrangement, adorned with strings and piano, adds a playful and heartwarming touch to the song. This blend of instruments harmonizes flawlessly with the heartfelt vocals, creating a symphony of emotions that resonates deeply.

“Good Night” is a testament to the group’s versatility, offering a heartfelt ballad that elegantly encapsulates the EP’s essence. It’s a gentle reminder that amidst the upbeat rhythms and lively melodies, there’s always space for a tender, soulful tune to bring a sense of closure and fulfillment.
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