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This week, I had the pleasure of joining my friends in going to The Driver Era concert in San Francisco, CA. 

Lead singer, Ross Lynch, rose to fame in 2010 as a famous Disney channel heartthrob. Lynch made a name for himself on the popular TV show “Austin and Ally,” as well as the hit “Teen Beach Movie.” He was joined on stage by his two brothers, Rocky and Riker. 

Full disclosure: I walked into the concert knowing little to nothing about this band or their music however, I will never say no to a concert. 

By the end of the show, I fully understood the crowd that these boys had gathered. The Driver Era has the classic charisma and charm that we boy-band-loving girls have grown up with. Their music will have you dancing around all night, even if you’re like me and may not know all the words.  

The highlight of the night was Lynchs’ performance of their song “San Francisco,” for obvious reasons. The crowd was feeling their love, and they definitely felt ours. 

Besides the great music, the Lynch brothers brought amazing stage presence. The energy and joy was there, and it kept everyone on their feet. 

My favorite part of any concert is the interaction the artist makes with the crowd. Ross ended up drawing a tattoo design for a lucky person in the audience. Ross knew how to engage with the crowd by reading signs, throwing hats, sunglasses, and flags. He kept us happy and laughing throughout the show. 

For someone who went into this concert with little to no knowledge about Ross Lynch and his band, I will happily say it was an amazing concert. My playlists definitely have some amazing new additions.

I 10/10 recommend The Driver Era, their music and concerts in all. 

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