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Why I Don’t Want to be Tied Down (Just Yet)

Relationships are a huge factor in our lives. We start them with people that share the same interests as us and keep them when they blossom into something beautiful. When it comes to romantic relationships, the same thing applies, but stress gets caught up in it. When we get into romantic relationships, it is almost like a game of cat and mouse, where one side keeps chasing while the other either runs away or reluctantly gives into temptation. Romantic relationships are a beautiful thing when they are with the right person. But sometimes it’s hard finding that right person. Sometimes we have to go through tons of boys or girls who are mean, passive aggressive or abusive. For this reason, this is why I want to stay away from the drama that is finding “the one” and try and find what is most important to me, which is myself.

I am in my early twenties which is “the best years of my life” according to some of my fellow family members and peers. While I will agree to that, I also know it comes with its own stresses as well. I am in a moment where I get asked the same three questions at every family gathering: what do you want to do after college, how are your grades and are you dating anyone right now? I know my family members just want to have a little in on my life, but when I am constantly being berated about whether I am sleeping with someone or not can be exhausting. The last time I was honest and told my aunt that I was single, she gave me a crooked look like I was making some kind of funny joke. “You will find someone eventually, Taylor” she told me in a grim voice. And that’s the thing that makes me want to stay single for longer. Why does it matter if I am dating someone or not? Why does my family look at my like I have three limbs coming out of my body when I tell them that yes, I still am single and am not currently looking for a romantic partner.

I am in the time of my life where I feel that it is necessary to travel and find myself rather than put all of my emphasis on another human being. Do not get me wrong, I believe that women and men who find their soulmates early on in life are just as happy and lucky as people who are experiencing life by themselves. I know for me personally, though, I want to find myself first before I start searching for someone. And I think a lot of boys and girls that I know could benefit from doing this as well. Sometimes we put so much emphasis on finding “the one” that we lose sight of ourselves and what we actually want to achieve in life.

I am happy that I am not tied down right now because I believe it would not be beneficial for my well being at the time. For the people who are happily tied down, I am happy for you and wish you nothing but the best. For my people who are in the same position as me, learn to put yourself first and love yourself. And to my family members who may be reading this right now, I will not have a boyfriend by the time Christmas rolls around. Sorry about it.

Hey there, my name is Taylor Jones! I am a senior at San Jose State majoring in journalism with an emphasis in photography. When I am not working on my school's broadcast team, I am either working at my local coffee shop singling espresso or traveling to SF to take photos. My other interests include knowing people's zodiac signs, signing along to my favorite song on long car rides and swimming in the ocean.
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