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What I’ve Learned As A Human Database at SJSU

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

In my sophomore year, I was escaping a toxic workplace and looked toward the San Jose State Student Union for an easy, fun job. Working at the Information Center intrigued me; I liked talking to students and being intimately involved on campus. 

Since I got the job three years ago, I’ve been promoted from the Information Desk Assistant to the Student Supervisor. I’ve been named the expert at the desk.

Working at the Information Center means that I answer any question that comes my way. I say that I’m SJSU’s Human Database because answering questions engrained important and technical information about SJSU into my brain. Off the top of my head, I can tell a student where any building is, where they should go for advising, what they should do if they’ve lost something, and much, much more. With a big smile, I learned many fascinating and unique things about SJSU that I want to share.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library 

MLK Library is a unique collaboration between San Jose City and SJSU. It is a mini-museum with references to “Harry Potter” and “Alice in Wonderland,” complete with a map to show you all the hidden gems

When I started my new job at the desk, I found Recolecciones, the MLK Public Art pamphlet representing that readers of the library are gatherers of knowledge. This creative and intentional find encouraged me to search for other hidden gems on campus.

The Associated Students House 

The Associated Students House is a non-profit auxiliary organization at San Jose State University, formerly known as the Scheller House. It was originally located on the West side of where the new science building is currently being built. 

To keep the historic property at SJSU, the 400,000 pounds, 6,500 square foot house was picked up and moved around campus (on the street!) to its new home next to parking Lot 4.


You can get free scantrons at “the desk” and ask any, and yes, I mean any, questions you may have. I love when students have a question I don’t know how to answer right away because it allows me to expand my knowledge about SJSU. While I’m working on finding the answer for them, I usually make small talk that has sometimes this turns into a new buddy!

Moreover, there are countless items for students to rent on the 4th floor of the MLK library, such as laptops, chargers, microphones, calculators, you name it!

There is also big digital counter in the library that currently stands at 250,144,294, representing the number of books currently checked out in the CSU system. 

You can call UPD for a free escort home if you live between 1st and 16th St. and Margaret and Julian from 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Recently, Lyft has partnered with SJSU, giving $7 off up to 3 rides if starting or ending on campus.

Furthermore, each major is grouped with similar majors that fall under a specific “success center” where students can go for advising, tutoring, and other help with their major. Stop by the Information Center to find out about yours or visit the SJSU website.

The Inside Tidbits

Joe West (my freshman dormitory) is nicknamed the waffle building due to its windows that pop out, standing out from the flush building.

There are only three vending machines on campus, and they all sell Starbucks.

Students use post-it notes on their dorm windows to make funny drawings and words. Residents get super creative, using post-its to showcase everything from Spongebob to inviting onlookers to their dorm room.

Many of the parking garages get filled up very quickly. I hope I’m not spoiling my opportunity by saying I always find free street parking (and even have a secret spot).

Before COVID, the MLK library would open for 24 hours.

The Student Union Artium’s original plan contained flowing water over the rocks currently present on the lower level.  However, this idea was discarded due to California’s drought upon the reopening of the Student Union. I imagine the water sounds would echo throughout the atrium, I guess we’ll never know.

There is a Starbucks on campus hidden on the lower level of the Student Union.

Tower Hall used to be swarmed in vines but now just stands in glory.

People don’t romanticize or spend as much time as they should on Tower Lawn, I mean look at it!

Come stop by the desk and say hello! Share your SJSU hidden gems @HerCampusSJSU!

Passionate about being positive and living life to the fullest! :)