Tips To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Have you ever looked at your outfit in the mirror and thought it was basic? If you have, there’s no shame in feeling that way! Trust me, I’ve been there. During the past few months, I noticed the outfits I wore every time I went out were the same, but in different fonts. I quickly realized that I couldn’t throw out everything in my closet, nor could I afford a completely new wardrobe. What I needed to invest in were accessories! Here are a few of my favorite things to wear that not only complement my outfit, but look good on the ‘gram too.

1. Purses

I’ll admit, I never thought I’d wear one until I was in my late 20s, but I ended up falling for my white shoulder bag. You can match your purse to a piece of your outfit, or choose totally different colors to create a pop of contrast. The options are endless! Another bonus: bags are great props for posing for Instagram photos.

Where to buy one:

2. Jewelry

Not only does jewelry make your Instagram photos more eye-catching, it’s super cute to wear! I usually don’t wear any jewelry except for my stud earrings. But when I get dressed up, I like to ditch the simple studs for some statement hoop earrings. I also use bracelets, necklaces, and rings to add a little something special to my outfits.

Shop here to build your collection:

3. Hair Accessories

Normally, I leave my hair as is when I get dressed up, so I end up looking the same in most of my photos. I personally don’t like my hair in buns or ponytails, so I tend to turn to hair accessories instead. My current favorites are big clips and scrunchies. If you were looking for a sign to switch up your hair more often, here it is!

Cop a couple cool hair accessories from these stores:


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