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 The most anticipated movie of the year, Spider-Man: No Way Home, has brought together old and new Spider-Man fans. The movie catered to each generation’s Spider-Man and opened a new chapter for their stories.  

In No Way Home, we follow Tom Holland’s Peter Parker as he struggles to live a normal life once Mysterio has revealed his identity. His whole world shifts and soon he realizes that he will lose everything he loves as it comes with the cost of being Spider-Man.  

With Tom Holland’s emotional performance we see how he evolves as Spider-Man. He’s ready to give up after the death of his Aunt May but receives help from the people that have been in his position. 

This film has brought a sense of normalcy during the pandemic, back when a movie theater would be packed for a Marvel movie opening weekend. The grand reveal of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield caused an uproar in movie theaters as well as box office sales. 

Fans believed it was too good to be true, but when we saw the reveal of Garfield we knew exactly who was to follow. 

Once the reveal of Maguire and Garfield took over the audience’s reaction, we were followed by a touching performance between the three spidermen as they bond over their lost loved ones and how they coped following those deaths.  

This film caters to each generation and their beloved Spider-Man, we were also revisited with villains like the Green Goblin, Dr. Otto Octavius, and Electro. 

We see all three spidermen on one screen creating a plan to help the villains, then quickly jump to see the fighting sequence that once again held up an audience’s reaction. The excitement quickly vanishes as we see Holland’s Peter Parker lose everything in his life as he needs to reverse a spell. 

Everything he had fought so hard for in the beginning is gone within the blink of an eye. 

The movie takes viewers through an emotional rollercoaster, with the ending leaving no dry eye in the room. 

No Way Home has caused a ruckus, but for good reason. The fighting sequence with Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin) was captivating, the score by Michael Giacchino elevating each scene, and the reveal of the final suit giving hope to viewers that Spider-Man didn’t give up and it’s only the beginning. 

Even with the cameos of DareDevil, and the other Spidermen, it never took the spotlight away from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The movie was able to successfully balance all three and their storyline, even allowing for Garfield’s Spider-Man to redeem himself by catching MJ after his loss of Gwen Stacy. 

No Way Home has perfected the third Spider-Man movie for Tom Holland. This movie has allowed new and old fans to come together and bond over what they just witnessed. 

No Way Home leaves the viewers sympathizing for Peter Parker as he now has to live a new life in the shadows of the people whom he loved the most. Leaving fans and casual viewers wanting to watch this film all over again to be transformed back to their nostalgia, to watch a reunion, and engage in an emotional web that was being weaved throughout the movie. 

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Lesley Rodriguez is currently a third year journalism major attending San Jose State University.
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