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Long distance relationships definitely have their challenges compared to normal relationships. It can be quite difficult to manage, especially at the very beginning. Trying to see where you fit into their life away from you, keeping communication open as much as possible,  scheduling calls or video chats to hear and see each other every once in a while.

 It can become quite a lonely world. You will hear about their day, the new friends they’ve made, and the adventures they’ve experienced, all without you. I will be honest; it hurts.

In a long-distance relationship, communication is golden. Whether by texting, phone calls, or video calls, anything that allows you to keep in touch helps. Do not try to hide your feelings; talk to your partner about them. 

Sure, the circumstances that led to a long-distance relationship may be something you can’t change at that moment, but having someone to listen to you and acknowledge your feelings is always the best way to keep that love and bond strong. 

Not everyone is capable of handling the hardships of a long-distance relationship. Many try and quickly learn that it is simply not something that they would be able to handle. Others make the sacrifice for love and the hope that one day the distance won’t be an obstacle anymore. 


However, just because a long-distance relationship has its downsides does not mean it does not have its upsides. You chose to stay put in a long-distance relationship for love, but aside from that, this type of relationship can build strong bonds and build trust like no other. 

Many people often wonder how others have the strength and trust to be in a long-distance relationship, but if your partner has never given you a reason to doubt, why start now? 

Another upside is the amount of communication you will have is healthy. The only way you can fix any problems is by talking to each other.  You can ask for space, and turn off your electronics, but eventually, you will have to face the issue at hand. There is no escaping that. Because of this, you learn to grow as a person and you tend to take your relationship seriously as you mature. 

I think long-distance relationships are a learning experience in love. It teaches you how to handle problems maturely, and it can teach you a lot about yourself and your partner. There are ups and downs, and it can teach you how far you are willing to go for the ones you love. 

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