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Tea to Try in San Jose

With everyone inside for the shelter-in-place, I’m missing boba a lot. Here is a list of my favorite spots to get boba in San Jose. San Jose has a lot of boba places, and I haven’t tried all of them yet. I am excited to start, and these are some of my tried and true favorites. 

1) Happy Family – Sharetea 

This boba is my favorite because it comes with a lot of toppings! It has red bean, egg pudding, coffee jelly, boba, small boba, and lychee jelly. I get this drink a lot, and I really enjoy the ratio of toppings to tea. 

2) Dirty Tea – Lucky Tea 

I tried this tea for the first time recently, and I loved it! It is one of the specialty drinks on the menu, and there are two locations in San Jose. The tea is a brown sugar milk tea with honey boba and sugar. It comes in a plastic jar. 

3) Tutti Frutti Tea- Breaktime 

The Tutti Frutti Tea from Breaktime is a fruit tea with fruit bits in it. There are peach, strawberry and lychee, and you can add boba if you want. This tea is one of my favorites because I like to have toppings other than boba occasionally.

4) Mango Matcha Smoothie – Happylemon 

The Mango Matcha Smoothie from Happylemon is a funmix of flavors I can’t find anywhere else. The mango and the matcha in the drink mix very well, and you can add toppings if you want as well. 

5) Mango pudding Boba – i TEA 

This drink is not a tea, but it is a smoothie! This drink is unique because it has mango pudding at the bottom of a drink which is a lot of fun to drink. The mango pudding is hard to find at other places, and I like that it is in a drink.

6) Thai Milk Tea- Banana Crepe 

This cafe is a good spot to get boba. There are a number of things that can be mixed together to create drinks or have one of the things on the menu. The Thai Tea is good because they make it really well!

7) Okinawa Milk Tea- Breaktime 

The Okinawa Milk Tea was my main favorite for a long time because I love the taste of brown sugar milk teas. Breaktime makes quality tea and their Okinawa milk tea is better than anywhere else.

8) Wintermelon Milk Tea – Sharetea 

I like this tea because it is wintermelon flavored tea! Wintermelon is a flavor that grew on me. It’s sweet and tastes like syrup. This milk tea is delicious and any toppings can be added.

9) Tooti Frutti – Tastea 

The Tooti Frutti at Tastea is full of the same delicious fruit bits. They have a lot of kinds of fruit! The last time I had one it had lychee and peach in it. I chose to add boba, and one of their choices is green boba! 

10) Organic Jasmine Milk Tea – Milk Tea Lab 

This place is a really cool spot in San Jose. they have set drinks on their menu such as the Organic Jasmine Milk Tea, and there is the option to make your own tea by mixing ingredients by yourself. 


Rebecca Lee is a rising 2nd year English major at San Jose State University. She is always working on it, and cultivating interest in fields all over the place! She loves reading and podcasts and cats and dogs.
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