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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

Finals week.

The bane of every student’s entire educational experience. It’s a pain, but it’s something you got to do to get through the semester.

But don’t worry, dear friend, because I have some solutions for you!

Here are a few tips and tricks compiled by some San Jose State University students to help you get through finals week.

  1. The Pomodoro Method – Serena Siow

When studying, Serena uses the Pomodoro method. 

The general idea is to set a timer (around 20-25 minutes) and study without distractions, each section being called a Pomodoro. After the alarm, take a short break and repeat the process. After around three Pomodoros, take an extended break (20-30 minutes) then repeat the process.

If it works well, it should help with your time management and help you focus on the task at hand, which in this case is studying.

  1. Study Away From Your Room

If you have trouble studying at home, try the library or your nearby cafe. A random spot on campus could work too.

The fewer distractions there are, the more you can focus on your work. Plus, you can get a little snack as a reward before you go home.

  1. Asking Friends For Help – Jasmine Brown

There is nothing wrong with asking friends for help with studying!

“When I’m studying, I ask my friends to question me,” Jasmine Brown, a 3rd year, answered. “It worked out better than I expected.”

Give someone your notes and have them quiz you on what you’re studying. That way, you’re learning and spending time with someone you care about!

  1. Make Sure To Relax!

Make sure to have time to relax so you won’t overwork yourself while studying. Go out and have some fun or cuddle inside and watch your favorite movie or anime.

“Dedicate time out of your day to get out of your house and do something relaxing after studying.” Donna Bulaoro said.

Make sure to take care of yourself and remember to eat, sleep and drink water. Procrastinating and cramming at the last second is very draining, even though it might be a little tempting at times. 

Just make sure to set your own pace and don’t burn yourself out stressing over what you should or shouldn’t do.

Everyone has their study style so figure out what works best for you and work from there!

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