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Let’s face it there comes a point in your college years where you start to second guess your major. You begin to take your major classes while most are running smoothly, some are tough or they don’t think they are as interesting as you thought they would be. Now you start to question yourself, is this major right for me? Will I find success? Will I make enough money in this field to afford a living?Trust me this may have come across many college students minds and the answer to those questions are still yet to be determined.

According to the Huffington Post, the average college student changes their major three times. Regardless of how many times you change your major, it is ok. Never freak out about changing your major because you want a degree in an area you feel confident in. A degree in something you are knowledgeable about and interested in. You strive for that feeling when you go out to real world and never feel like you are working because you love what you are doing.

If you are having second doubts about your major here are some tips to help you stay calm and to reassure yourself that you are not the only one second guessing your major.

Tip #1: There will be classes where you will ask yourself, What is this? Is this what I will be doing everyday? Why am I learning unnecessary information? Just stop questioning it and take it as gift. You may not feel like you are getting something out of what you are learning but you will soon realize that everything you learn in your classes will be valid at one point. You will always take away something from every class, even the one you hate the most. You become richer with knowledge everytime you attend class. You may not be using everything you learned in class in your future career  but you still have to learn it in order to get down the basics and apply it someway to your career.

Tip #2: Now the important question, will I make a lot of money with this major in the future? The answer is actually up to you. Majors like journalism, do not earn a lot of money but it does not mean that you can’t. You have great journalists like Diane Sawyer who started as a local news weather forecaster and is now the first female correspondent on 60 Minutes and has received much success since then. You can do whatever you set your mind to and never settle for less.

Always remember you have the power to determine your future, it is ok to change your mind about your major. Chose something that you love and can be a future mentor and role model to the future generations.

I am an aspiring broadcast journalists working hard to fulfill my dream career. I come a big Mexican family and was always taught to work hard for what I want, nothing will ever be handed to me. I also learned that there is no one I need to prove myself to except for me. I am finishing my studies at SJSU, majoring in journalism with an academic focus in Spanish. I come from a Spanish speaking background and hope to utilize my Spanish in my future career as a journalist. After college I plan to find a place in the entertainment industry and host numerous red carpets and also go back to school and get into the field of real estate. Real estate you may ask? Yes, real estate, I have many things I want to do in life because I am not a person who only settles on one thing. If I had a super power I would choose being in many places at once. I want to earn many academic degrees, visit many countries and learn a piece of their culture, meet new people all over the world, travel and make an impact in the world for the good. While my mind goes crazy with many ideas, I like to relax at home while drinking and tasting different wines, laying in bed and binge watching shows on Netflix.
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