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San Jose Cafes To Study at Based on Your MBTI

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Another wave of midterm season is rolling around, and the MLK library is getting more and more busy. It can be hard to find a quiet and comfortable place for studying this time of year. If you are struggling with finding a study spot, do not worry! Here is your guide to San Jose cafes for studying based on your MBTI. 

For those unfamiliar with MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), it is a popular personality assessment based on your psychological behaviors. It was developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Meyers. It places individuals into one of 16 personality types, with four different categories: Extrovert (E) vs. Introvert (I), Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F), and Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P). 

Each MBTI has their own preferences, including their type of coffee, which makes this article perfectly curated for you!


Logisticians (ISTJ) are hardworking, reserved individuals who crave responsibility and order. Bellano Coffee is a serene coffee shop with soft background music, making it a perfect place for ISTJs who prefer focused study. 


Defenders (ISFJ) prefer an environment that is calm and down to earth. Roy’s Station Coffee & Tea is a cozy coffee shop with warm lighting and a welcoming atmosphere where ISFJs can study comfortably. 


Advocates (INFJ) typically engage with life through profound contemplation and creativity. Academic Coffee is a charming cafe with unique beverages and a quiet ambiance where INFJs can stare out the window and reflect. 


Architects (INTJ) love atmospheres that juice their creativity and rationality. Chromatic Coffee is a modern cafe with a focused atmosphere, providing INTJs a quiet place to work independently and immerse themselves in intellectual pursuits. 


Virtuosos (ISTP) are individualistic, private souls who prefer uncrowded places. For ISTPs who enjoy solitude, Living Room Coffee Craft is a hidden gem of a coffee shop that provides a relaxing, cozy atmosphere for ISTPs to focus on their tasks. 


Adventurers (ISFP) prefer an environment that can excite them and offer them inspiration for their artistic endeavors. Crema Coffee Roasting Co. is a welcoming and cozy coffee shop where ISFPs can study in a comforting ambiance while connecting with their creative side.


Mediators (INFP) see life through rose-colored glasses, embracing creativity and imagination. Philz Coffee is a peaceful coffee shop known for its specialty brews, providing INFPs a quiet place to ponder and engage in deep thinking. 


Logicians (INTP) enjoy taking an unorthodox perspective on life. The highly intelligent INTPs will appreciate the academic atmosphere of Barefoot Coffee Campbell, a relaxed and quiet coffee shop known for its exceptional coffee and spacious seating. 


Executives (ESTJ) love places that are organized and carry a sense of community. Peet’s Coffee and Tea is a popular coffee chain with a bustling atmosphere, making it a great spot for ESTJs to work on their projects while enjoying their favorite coffee.

10) ESFJ

Consuls (ESFJ) are vibrant, lively individuals who love to socialize. The Starbucks Reserve is a well-known coffee chain that offers a comfortable and sociable setting for ESFJs to study and engage with others. 

11) ENFJ

Protagonists (ENFJ) typically are fond of places with warm, sunny atmospheres. Voyager Craft Coffee is a trendy coffee shop known for its artisanal coffee and friendly staff, offering a perfect balance of focus and social interaction for ENFJs.

12) ENTJ

Commanders (ENTJ) are charismatic, confident people who strive for greatness. House of Bagels can offer them that bustling atmosphere where ENTJs can work on their projects, network, and meet people while enjoying a bagel. 

13) ESTP

Entrepreneurs (ESTP) always see life as a new opportunity, deftly navigating what is in front of them. Cafe Frascati is a local cafe with live music and a sociable ambiance where ESTPs can work on homework and interact with fellow patrons. 

14) ESFP

Entertainers (ESFP) prefer environments that are spirited and full of life, taking pleasure in the unknown. Blvd Coffee is a vibrant coffee shop offering ESFPs a spot to study while engaging with others and enjoying quality coffee.

15) ENFP

Campaigners (ENFP) have a lively, upbeat approach to life and people. At Bel Bacio Cafe, they can enjoy a charming cafe with a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for ENFPs to engage with the friendly staff and interact with fellow coffee enthusiasts. 


Debaters (ENTP) are bold and creative souls who aren’t afraid of trying new things. B2 Coffee has that fresh, new environment that ENTPs would love to study in. It is a popular local coffee shop with a creative atmosphere, making it an inspiring place for ENTPs to work on their projects and engage with their surroundings. 

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