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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

Loving is easy when it comes to the king of bedroom pop, also known as the English singer and songwriter Rex Orange County. Rex is popularly known and adored for his alternative pop songs that capture the mundane reality of life and the feelings of being young and in love. 

As of recently, he released his fourth album titled “Who Cares” after two years of silence. If you’re familiar with Rex Orange County’s work, it is no secret he loves to express his intense emotions through his songs.

Comparing his new album with his past work, it is clear that he has entered a new era of fulfilling self-love acceptance. To create a more colorful and bubbly tone, he incorporates catchy beats, soothing melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that listeners can easily resonate with. 

Rex Orange County introduces his opener, “Keep it Up,” which highlights the reality of loneliness and depression. He draws light on this topic by adding uplifting and optimistic instrumentals. As he sings about his conflicted sense of self-worth, he lifts himself back up by repeating the phrase “Keep it up and go on.”

Throughout the album, Rex Orange County reminisces his daydreams and self-reflections through the patterns of his bittersweet verses which can easily be seen in the tracks “Amazing,” “The Shade,” and “Making Time.”. 

To finish off the album, Rex Orange County finalizes it with the track “Who Cares?”, which is also the title of the album. With his years of self-doubt and fear of others, he comes to the realization and asks himself, who cares? The lyrics are simplistic and easy to follow, making the song super relatable. 

Despite Rex Orange County’s accomplishments, he is not fully satisfied with the internal battles of his thoughts and emotions. This album not only delivers positive and instantly feel-good instrumentals, but it teaches that in order for us to heal and move on, we must put ourselves first and stop worrying about who cares. 

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