Oscars With Increasing Diversity

The 2020 Oscars in Los Angeles- there was a lot of buzz about the movies that came out this year. There is a variety of genres and audiences for each movie, and many of them were made with the Hollywood audience in mind! The nominations for the Oscars this year were much more widely considered than previous years. The Oscars’ committee tends to recommend movies that fit a pattern of highly regarded movies in the past. However, this year, many of the winners were not expected and turned out to win despite what the majority believed would happen. 

While the Oscars were distributed, there was debate about the diversity in the winners. One highlight of the Oscars that has been highly debated is Parasite winning Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Film awards. 

They are the first non-American team to win the Best Picture and Best International Oscar in the same year. The win was controversial because the movies that seemed to have a better chance to win didn’t get those awards! 

Bong Joon Ho, the Korean director of the film, was thrilled and shared the victory with his all-Asian cast. The short film Hair Love won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film which was wonderful! The film is about a young girl’s father learning to braid her hair through YouTube videos. Taika Waititi won an Oscar for Jojo Rabbit and is the second indigenous person to win an Oscar. 

Another aspect was the gender situation. Natalie Portman wore a cloak with the names of the female directors who had not been nominated for the Best Director Oscar as a tribute. All of the nominees for that category were men.