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Lookout SJSU students! These Five New Stores Are Coming to MOMENT Paseo’s Grand Opening

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Looking for new places to shop small this spring? Well, you’re in luck! MOMENT Paseo’s grand opening is on Friday, May 3 at noon, and will be located at 112 and 115 Paseo de San Antonio in San José.

Five new storefronts will be opening near SJSU between 2nd and 3rd Street. Come shop these new small businesses this spring, and don’t forget to bring your besties for some much-needed retail therapy!

Located at 112 Paseo de San Antonio, Sueños is a Latina-owned collective that includes three small businesses and embraces the diversity of Latin culture. Selling an assortment of products, such as candles, home goods, clothing, and more, these small businesses create an engaging retail experience for students and locals alike.

La Paloma Imports 

Owned by sisters Cecy and Paloma, La Paloma Imports brings the vibrant culture and traditions of Mexico to their customers by working with talented artisans and their stunning handcrafted creations. 

Their products range from home decor and handbags to accessories and wooden kitchenware. For a fun, beachy look this summer, try out their hand woven crocheted or embroidered bags to complete any boho look! 

Cositas Contreras 

With a wide range of hand-poured resin pieces, home decor, and more, Sandra, the creator of Cositas Contreras, started her business back in 2021 as a creative outlet. Faced with a quarter-life crisis, Sandra was driven to find a hobby she enjoyed that could provide an escape from her daily life as a working mom. After much trial and error, she discovered her interest in resin-pouring, and began to create her own, unique pieces to sell for her small business. 

Whether you’re looking for a pair of fun, statement earrings or a beautiful resin trinket tray, make sure to check out Cositas Contreras at the grand opening of their storefront on Friday, May 3!

Migi Cera Candles 

Looking for a fun hangout idea for your besties or an exciting date night experience? You can now book a candle-making workshop with Migi Cera Candles and learn how to make your own unique candles for your dorm or home! Choose between an online session or an in-person workshop at their Sueños location in downtown San José. 

Depending on your skill level, they have three workshops to choose from. The Basic Workshop is beginner-friendly, the Essential Workshop is for people at an intermediate level, and lastly, the Deluxe Workshop is for pro candle-makers to hone their craft. 

Located at 115 Paseo de San Antonio, Plant Slut and Bad Witch Crystals turn their shared storefront into a crystal-based jewelry store and a vibrant plant shop. If you’re a plant or crystal lover, come check out their storefronts on Friday, May 3!

Plant Slut

In 2020, Natalie wanted to share her love of plants with others, so she began selling them at local pop-up markets. This inspired her to start Plant Slut, which she felt gave her a way to connect with others, nature, and herself.

Advocating for sustainability and a shared love of plants, Plant Slut is a place for people to experience, “the joy of connection through plants and handpicked groovy, novelty items.” From planters to home decor, Plant Slut has something for everyone. Their top picks include Plant Slut t-shirt, pins, sweaters, and more!

Bad Witch Crystals

After graduating college, Theresa began selling her crystal collection on social mediaFrom there, Bad Witch Crystals was born, and Theresa now makes and sells her own crystal jewelry as a full-time business owner. 

She hopes to continue to grow her business and help build a community around spiritual growth, healing, and femininity. 

Will you be at the grand opening of MOMENT Paseo? Which stores are you most excited to visit? Let us know @HerCampusatSJSU!

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