How to Help Others During Quarantine

1.    Crisis Hotline

     •    Volunteer to become a crisis counselor 

     •    As a counselor you can work remotely, answering texts from people in crisis through “collaborative problem solving” and “safety planning.”

2.    Make face shields for hospitals 

     •    Instructions 

     •    Supplies you’ll need: 

          •    Plastic Hanger Strap - roll (3/4 inch wide) 

          •    Cable Ties (4 inch) - 5 needed for one shield 

          •    Clear Hair Elastics 

          •    Thick Clear Acetate Sheets (8.5in x 11in) 

     •    Tools you’ll need:

          •    Rotary Mat 

          •    Wire Cutters    

          •    Scissors (extra sharp) 

          •    Office Hole Punch 

          •    Red Sharpie 

3.    Make food for the homeless 

4.    Make hand sanitizer

     •    Your sanitizer mix should be 75 percent alcohol (according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 

     •    Items You’ll Need: 

          •    Clear squirt bottles

          •    Isopropyl alcohol 

          •    Aloe vera gel 

          •    Tea tree oil 

     •    How to Make It: 

          •    Mix three parts of the isopropyl alcohol to one part aloe vera gel. Add about three drops of tea tree oil for a pleasing scent. 

5.    Get groceries for elderly neighbors 

6.    Support trainers & small gyms 

     •    Book virtual group or personal training sessions 

     •    Check out The Boombox 

7.    Reach out to your local nursing home

     •    Donate old technology so they can keep in touch with their loved ones

     •    Become a pen pal 

8.    Donate blood 

9.    Buy certificates from your local mom & pop shops  

10.    Foster or adopt animal(s) 

     •    Labelle Foundations 

     •    Best Friends Animal Society 

     •    Pet Finder 

     •    Humane Society