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How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day in San Jose

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

As we roll out the welcome wagon for spring after the recent gloomy weather, it is easy to forget summer’s heat will soon follow. Each year gets progressively warmer and it can no longer be ignored.

Earth Day falls on Sunday, April 22nd this year, but you don’t have to wait for Earth Day to make a difference. There are so many little things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, like picking up trash on your walk to and from class or using Tupperware to carry all of your snacks.

Take Public Transportation

One of the perks of being a student at San Jose State University is having unlimited access to the light rail and buses. If you have not picked up your Clipper Card, stop by the office of transportation in the Student Union. Just make sure you do not lose it!

Cut out Single Use Plastics from Your Life

Purchasing a reusable water bottle is a no-brainer! You will save money and the Earth by filling up your bottle instead of using plastic bottles. Even though you can technically recycle plastic water bottles, only 23% actually gets fully recycled according to Ban the Bottle.

There are many well-made reusable water bottles out on the market. From double-walled stainless steel to glass water bottles with a rubber sleeve that prevents it from breaking upon impact. A cheaper alternative to buying a new bottle is using a mason jar you have at home.

Have a Bag Handy at all Times

Another no-no is using plastic shopping bags when you can use a reusable grocery bag. Making sure you always have one handy is easier than it used to be. Find a foldable bag with a snap closure, that way you can always toss it in your bag or car without it taking up too much room.

Eliminate Straws

Consider how many straws you use without realizing it. If you are ordering a drink somewhere you can always say you do not need a straw. There are also reusable straws you can bring with you if you have a hard time kicking the habit.

It does not take much to start making a difference and small actions add up to big changes. Spread the word and inspire your friends and family to make a change.   

Shellise West is the current campus correspondent at San Jose State University. Majoring in journalism with a minor in radio, television and film she plans to not fall short of fulfilling her dream as a sports reporter. A Bay Area native her hobbies include singing, dancing and listening to music. Follow Shellise on Twitter @SoulfulPenned.